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Request: “I’m hoping you can help me. All the sales reps that work with us are Independent Contractors so they are basically running their own businesses as sole traders.  I’m looking for an activity that I can run with them that covers having a business ownership mentality rather than an employee mentality.”

Our Answer: I suggest that you try Raptor / Executive Marbles (actually two different activities, but Raptor is a variation of Executive Marbles) — both have a strong slant toward being your own boss yet working with others to get ahead. In the play of both games, there are many individual decisions that people take (how to throw the ball, which ball to go after, play it safe or take a gamble) and the feedback from those decisions is immediate and apparent to all (made the shot/hit the opponent’s ball and now we’re in good shape OR missed by a fraction and just set the other team up for an easy win).  Either will “call forth” some of the initiative that you’re hoping to see in your participants and give you good material for debriefing later.
Executive Marbles is an activity in Sam Sikes’ book by the same name.
Goal:Be the first person to toss your ball into all five holes out and back again while knocking opponents balls out of the away and avoiding being hit yourself.

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Someone calls and expresses interest in your work.  They would like for you to send them a proposal.  How cool is that?

So, what do you do?

If you’re like most consultants, you jump right on the proposal,  of course. You include a lot of information about your credentials, clients with whom you have worked and numerous specifics about your planned intervention. You put a price to it, then dash it off – you do know the importance of “getting while the getting’s good” – and wait for the call or the return email.

More often than not, the phone call or email response doesn’t come. You wait a reasonable length of time and then follow up by phone … only to get your prospect’s voice mail. And he or she never responds. You know that you do good work, you’re honest, transparent and responsive.

So what gives?

Begin by recognizing where your prospect “is” when they submit a request like this one, and understand what they are actually asking for.  

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“Must-Reads” for Leadership

On March 30, 2011, in Leadership Training, by Rob Benson

We were recently asked what books we would recommend to those in leadership.  2 classics, 2 that you may not expect. I include links to Amazon to ease your finding them (and no, we don’t make buy dapoxetine online india – choose most suitable drug without adverse effects. spend less on efficient and speedy treatment. timesaving and smart way to  anything off of this).  Here’s our short list:

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  • Getting to Yes, by Ury and Fischer.  The classic on negotiations and conflict resolution.
  • Leadership and Decision Making, by Vroom & Yetton.  The DRYEST book ever written, yet it summarizes their seminal research on when and how great leaders actually involve others in decision making.  Knowledge which every leader of people truly needs.
  • Good to Great, by Jim Collins.  Like the previous book, Good to Great summarizes superb research (but with much better writing style!) that point out the five factors distinguishing those companies that become truly great and maintain that greatness. 
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  • The Heart of Networking, by Ricky Steele.  While not strictly-speaking about leadership, this book by local businessman Ricky Steele is the best treatise on relationship selling (or networking) that I have read.  On some level, every leader is selling him or herself and the company (or should be) regularly, which makes these skills ones to know and master.

Invest in your own leadership development.  Read these, and buy cialis singapore. … in tablets bottom says. using our and more solvent the jump ahead of the curve!

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As a free tool on our website, we have shared many detailed “write-ups” of team training exercises.  We get hits (about 700 a day – not a lot by YouTube standards, but not half bad) from all over the world from trainers who take and then use these exercises to great effect with their teams.

Keypunch” is one of the classics that we’ve used and shared.  Since we penned that write-up, we’ve modified how we set it up and facilitate it to focus the team on how they ensure quality work, done safely, within tight time frames.  “Quality,” “safety” and “timeliness” are often in tension, so how do you help a team understand these pressures and then make daily decisions which reflect your goals and the priority that you place on these values?  For starters, you try the new, improved “Keypads”! 

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In the video (about 11 minutes long), you’ll hear from me and one of our strategic partners, Sardek Love of Infinity Consulting, as we take a group of engineers through the exercise.  I include a picture of the flipchart that I usually prepare and post to set up the work.  Detailed notes follow at the end.  Enjoy!

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We’ve all heard “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  We have learned top quality medications. buy zoloft online. official drugstore, does sertraline hcl generic zoloft work. that, to grow our businesses, we are going to have to network effectively.  So what do we typically do?

NETWORKING — THE TYPICAL APPROACH: We … well, we “network.”  We go to the same events, visit the same watering holes, talk to the same people.  We’ve joined a local networking group in which we pass around business cards and practice our elevator speeches.  This is supposed to lead to more business, so we double down on these efforts (I know some people who are members of several networking groups), and we wait … and wait … surely, this works, doesn’t it?

Networking groups have identified the right goal, that is, that the person with whom I network refers me to those within their networks whenever a need arises which I can fulfill.  order Indocin online But most of these formal groups have adopted the wrong approach, based on a premise which I believe to be false.  Call me crazy, but I will NEVER refer you to one of my friends or clients merely because we both paid a fee, you gave me your elevator speech and handed me one of your business cards.  My reputation and existing relationships were won too dearly to be gambled away.  And although I may be more vocal about this reservation than others, I’ll bet that you, in your heart of hearts, feel the same.

IF YOU WANT THAT REFERRAL, at least from me, there’s a few concepts you should understand – what networking is NOT, what networking truly is, what I MUST know about you, for example – and a few steps that you will want to take …

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[A re-print of an article from our good friend and Behavioral Safety expert Earl LeBlanc purchase Paxil .]

Imagine a place where people from all over the world come together to fulfill one common purpose, a place where it doesn’t matter what language you speak, a place where achieving that common the lowest prices for baclofen from online pharmacies and prescription discount cards! before you buy baclofen , compare the best prices on baclofen from  goal is paramount.  What is that place?  That most reviled of industries, the oil industry.

What does the oil industry look like today? It looks like the Dubai shipyard where they are refurbishing several oilrigs. The crews are made up of Egyptians, Saudis, French, Indians, Pakistanis, Pilipino, Nigerian, Gabonese, Dutch, British, American, Canadian, and Croatian. Yet it is a unified culture of men and woman trained to handle billions of dollars of heavy equipment, to bore deep into the belly of the earth and to extract the source of energy that drives this planet. This global industry is operating under the constant goal of creating and maintaining an injury-free safety culture.

Contrast this with a typical drilling rig of the past.

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[Given a stock market turning a bit bullish, manufacturers' inventories going down, and consumer confidence inching up, you may be thinking about hiring within the next few months.  If so, you will want to print out this wonderful contribution from our friend Mike Miller online meds rx deltasone, deltasone without prescription us pharmacy, cost uk , canadian online pharmacy prednisone , cheap deltasone from india ,. at FlexHR.  Incorporate Mike's suggestions into your interview process so that you get the right people (and avoid all of the others!) -- Rob]

The objective of an interview is to learn as much as possible about a candidate in a dec 25, 2014 – buy cheap generic baclofen online without prescription 1.3 interactions buy baclofen online australia information specific to: baclofen 10mg relatively short time frame to be able to OBJECTIVELY determine if he/she is properly qualified for a position and will be a SUCCESSFUL employee if hired.  That is easier said than done. There are many books and internet sites that will give you loads of information on how to interview and what questions to ask.  In most cases it is information overload.

Over the years I have “tried them all” and have found competency based behavioral questions the most effective.  The base job competencies are communication, initiative, adaptability, dependability, organization and planning, judgment/decision making, professional development, policy compliance, management of resources, teamwork, and managing skills.  Below is a list of interview questions by competency

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This past Thursday, the Fayetteville/Peachtree City Social Media Users Group (SMUG) met for its new year kickoff.  I introduced the SMUG in an earlier post, and have since dug up the interview we gave to JayeliTV in Peachtree City.

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At our 2011 inaugural meeting, we discussed mid- and long-range goals for our individual businesses, how we each hoped to grow/improve in our social media skills and our thoughts for how we can best use our 90 minute time-frame each week.  Great facilitative leadership from Valerie Hale, and we’re ready to take our collective game up another notch.

Every week, I’m sitting in a Starbucks at 6:00 AM with these folk.  I receive SIGNIFICANT VALUE, in at least four ways:

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At a recent meeting with other consultants to Moody International Consulting & Training, a company to whom we contract our services and a leader in the behavior-based safety training field, we were led through a brief, yet powerful, exercise to develop or fine-tune our “elevator speeches.”

An “elevator speech” is a short, 2-3 sentence description of what one does.  It answers the always-asked, ice-breaking question “so, what do you do?” in such a way as to elicit interest from those who buy baclofen online, street value for baclofen , street price of 10mg baclofen . lioresal cp pump x ray baclofen gad what class is in brand in india . does help may want your product or service.  When properly delivered, it prompts questions or other invitations for further information.  The recipient should NOT get the sense that they are being “sold.”

It is rarely delivered well.

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[John Loftus of Moody International Consulting & Training shared the following activity at a recent meeting.  If you are looking for an exercise which illustrates the power of team performance, give this one a try. -- Rob]

Fill the shoe box with 30 -40 items such as post it notes, paper clips, business cards, pens, etc placed loosely or glued inside the before you buy baclofen , compare the best prices on baclofen from licensed, top- rated pharmacies in the u.s. , canada, and internationally. find the lowest cost box.

Round 1

Draw the following chart on flip chart or white board on the left-hand side approximately 60 cm (2 feet, give or take) from the top:

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