How to Sell Yourself: Ask, Don’t Tell.

On April 21, 2010, in Marketing & Sales, by Rob Benson

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Many of us – in today’s economy, more than ever – need to network effectively to 21 mar 2012 … buy cialis mexico. #1 online drugstore. no prescription, approved pharmacy. open up opportunity.  We feel the pressure to “make a good impression,” and then take precisely the wrong approach.  Learn from the mistake an aspiring consultant made with me, and my subsequent advice to him …

A young consultant recently requested that we meet. This individual had participated in a strategy session that we facilitated a few years ago, was interested in growing his consulting work in the field of leadership and saw a potential link with First Steps. We are currently seeking to expand buy estrace online without prescriptions cheap estrace 2mg online no prescription estrace cream for breast cancer recurrence, but i worried that estrace  our cadre of certified trainers, whether as full-time staff or consultants, so it looked like a potential win from our end – I agreed.

Unfortunately, the meeting didn’t go so dapoxetine with alcohol dapoxetine 30 mg in bangladesh cheap dapoxetine well. Strike number one: he was late, by about 10 minutes. While that may work in other cultures, 10 minutes late in the US translates as “I have other, more important things to do.” Bad first impression.

Strike two: he spent the 30 minutes or so that we had together talking about himself, his experience and expertise in the field of leadership, other training he was engaged in, etc.; after the first five minutes, I was wondering why I was buy Albendazole online sitting there. I finally stopped him, explained that this wasn’t working for me, and we parted.

Fortunately for him, and perhaps also for us, there was no strike three. On the surface, he is bright, articulate and energetic — he might be a good associate propecia crown propecia without prescription for First Steps in the future. I received an email from him yesterday evening that showed some thought, some evidence of awareness that he “oversold,” and a continued interest in learning. I replied via email expressing a real interest in visiting with him in the future; I also provided the following tip to assist his future interactions with potential clients or partners.

As I mentioned, I believe that part of my calling is to assist other consultants in their practices, so whether or not this is a “win” financially for me, I’d be interested in assisting you. In that spirit, I’d like to offer now just one tip that has helped me immensely over the years. That is, when you are meeting with a prospect for the first time, resist the temptation to try to sell yourself; spend all of your time and energy seeking to understand the potential client or partner. Ask LOTS of questions, take notes and seek to identify what need (from their perspective) even got you in the door.

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Once you are clear on that, then, and only tentatively, offer ideas about how your services might help them meet their needs; my usual Toradol without prescription follow-up is not even to tell them about me but to ask a few perceptive questions which show that I really understand where the prospect is coming from and some of the intricacies involved in his particular situation. What this does for you:

  • Begins building the relationship and sets you apart from the hordes of other “consultants” out there. Most people have never had the experience of having someone listen deeply to them, truly seek to understand their issues, and then push their thinking in that area. Most are halfway expecting someone to bring in their pet product or trumpet their expertise (which is deadly when the prospect knows more about the topic than you do), so that they can listen for a perfunctory 5 minutes and kick you out of the door. Surprise them. The type of person that you want as a partner or client will ultimately choose you based on their level of trust in you and (only later) in your expertise.
  • Helps clarify for you if what you have to offer is even a real fit for this client. Up to this point, all you’ve invested is a little of your time, and if you’re not a good fit, then simply say so and suggest a colleague who might help them. This will go a long way to establishing you as a trustworthy consultant, whatever your field of expertise.
  • Assuming that you what you offer brings real value to the prospect (i.e., you’ve determined that there is a real “fit”), you now know which of your competencies or products are most applicable and can focus later conversation.

If you do this first step well, then your prospect will ask you to tell cheapest prices pharmacy. buy zoloft online. top offering, zoloft generic name. them specifics about what you do and how what you do can help them. That’s the time to begin talking about you, not before.


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