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the CODE Sales Funnel

the CODE Sales Funnel - Applicable to Ministries too

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I recently worked with the board of a Christian ministry. The topic of the meeting was “Sustainability.”  The Board Chair wanted his board members to seriously consider their personal responsiblity for fundraising for the organization.  I had presented an overview of our sales approach ( purchase Prozac the CODE process), with modifications for a nonprofit ministry environment.  CODE enables an organization to get “all hands on deck” around sales, a structure for dividing up the roles and responsibilities, and a method for documenting sales efforts that doesn’t require expensive, complicated software.

I was 12/3/2014 roxanne pearson from bogue chitto was searching for order fluoxetine online no prescription . looking for order fluoxetine online no prescription surprised when, as the conclusion of my presentation, one of the board members went on to great lengths about how “this ministry is different” and how using tools like CODE was “trusting in man’s ways rather than God’s ways.”

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Now I want to honor the desire to do things the right way, that means are just as important as ends.  However, from a truly Christian standpoint, Truth is Truth.  Actions are either right or wrong, not right in some arenas and wrong in others.  Nor is there a real difference (in terms of what God chooses to use) between the sacred and the mundane.  Jesus used very mundane items (e.g., a couple of fish, a few loaves) to do extraordinary things.  So if you don’t like our approach to sales, tell me why it is either ineffective or immoral (it is neither, btw), and at least we can have an intelligent conversation.

The Board Chair, who gently shared his point of view and moved the board towards adoption, first experienced our work with another board eight years ago.  In that workshop, he learned that “profit” was NOT a dirty word, that the typical nonprofit MUST think about itself and operate as a business if it is to succeed in today’s environment.  He took that message to heart and, following the recommendations that we provided, led that ministry to successful mar 19, 2014 – baclofen generic order online canada , baclofen where to buy uk, buy generic baclofen answers, how to buy baclofen and baclofen online ,  growth after living several years on the edge just barely making payroll.  That ministry is (still under his leadership) thriving to this day.

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Structured Sales Approach - One Essential Strategy for Success

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One essential part of any successful business is a focused sales process. From personal experience, as well as that of our clients, the CODE process is both simple and powerful.  It is easily adopted to a nonprofit environment (we talk about “fundraising” and “donors” rather than “selling” and “customers” but the principles are the same), structures the “Sales” process so that the organization’s limited resources are focused, and gets everyone working effectively to raise the funds needed.

When many folk think 17 oct 2013 … buy female viagra online uk, australia. cheap female viagra. about ministry, it’s all about service. And love.  That’s good, that is what it should be about.  Ministries exist to meet a human need, and this focus is what attracts support.

And those involved must practice a systematic and disciplined approach to raising funds for the ministry to accomplish its mission.  If you are in ministry, you are in sales too.  Embrace that role, get good at it, and help your ministry accomplish everything to which it is called.


2 Responses to “If you are in ministry, you are in sales too”

  1. John says:

    I love your thinking, if it is wrong in one place it is wrong in all areas, that is Kingdom thinking, for all area’s are to be under His Kingship.

    I would like to know how to build a sales funnel that will firstly gather interest and finally support.

    I am in the process of rebuilding and my site is not yet ready

    John McDonald
    540 4350562

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