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I was viewing data published and shared by HubSpot.  With a title that only fellow geeks could love –  ”Marketing Data: 50+ Charts and Graphs of Original Marketing Research – the folk at  HubSpot show the growing effectiveness of social media in the only ways that truly matter: getting and retaining customers.

About three months ago, I decided that we needed to push social media more aggressively.  I wasn’t willing to pay an outside firm to do this for me – sorry, Hubspot – and I knew that, to be successful, I needed more knowledge as well as accountability.  I’m a busy guy estradiol dose 3 mg day estradiol level 22 order Ventolin purchase estrace cream yaz does cream cost estradiol 90 pg ml estrace .5mg pill estradiol 314 cream price cvs . too and to be successful, I needed other people who would remind me to keep my commitment.

So we started a Social Media Users Group (SMUG).  Here are my thoughts about buy ethinyl estradiol uk 0.1 mg gm cream order estrace ethinyl estradiol cost estradiol level 238. estradiol side effects buy cream online estrace 0 5  starting that group, and why you should consider organizing a SMUG too.

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About 7 of us have been meeting weekly since that time.  We show up at 6:00 AM (!) at a local Starbucks to post, comment, “friend” one another, share tips, etc … in short, we’ve formed a learning community.

There are other, “side” benefits as well.  While we aren’t there to deliberately “network,” we have come to know one another and appreciate the skills and intellect each person brings to their business.  We have become advocates for one another … which is the prednisone 20mg tablets generic name for prednisone buy prednisone purchase Lamisil uk prednisone online buy generic phenergan online buy generic phenergan online cheap phenergan buy prednisone no prescription online order prednisone 20 mg stated goal of most networking groups, isn’t it?  But with this one, there are no fees … hmmm …

We’ve formed a team, and our experience provides another example of how team building really works.  Rather than focusing on team building per se, we’ve need prednisone at low price? you can order prednisone at trusted online pharmacy! starting at only $0.37 per pill! fast worldwide delivery, no hidden fees, focused on clear business goals and accomplished real work together, in a supportive, trusting environment.

If you view this post PRIOR to Monday October 4, 2010, then you can see an interview that a local TV station produced with our SMUG by going to their website.  I’m working with that station to get a copy which I can share here.

Want to talk about SMUGs and how you might start one in your area?  Interested in talking real team building?  We’d be happy to help – contact us order Fluoxetine .


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