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Completed RACI Document

Clear Expectations: A Sample RACI Document

Every high performing team has clear, established and appropriate Roles & Structure. This ensures that the person with the right knowledge, skills, resources and availability is working on the right task, and that all necessary tasks required for team success are accomplished.  (Follow this link for more discussion on the essential components of high performing teams).

Clear Roles & Structure doesn’t just happen on its own; they require thoughtful, engaged team discussion. Those discussions can be focused and fruitful, if you “do a RACI.”

RACI is a simple format and process to ensure that authority, responsibility and lines of communication are clearly defined.

When completed, a RACI answers the following questions buy Viagra USA for each major accomplishment or output produced by a team:

  • Who is accountable (i.e., has ultimate decision-making authority or the final say; the one whose head is on the chopping block if it doesn’t get done right) for each accomplishment?
  • Who is responsible for actually doing the work?
  • Who must be consulted before substantive decisions or changes regarding a particular accomplishment?
  • Who will be informed regarding progress, changes or decisions relative to a particular accomplishment?

Properly facilitated, the RACI process enhances team cheap Clonidine communication and efficiency.

The Process

Before beginning, download and modify the free RACI template so that each “TM” is replaced with a member of your team. Make sure each team member has received a copy of the RACI document and understands what the terms mean (“authority” and “responsiblity” are often misunderstood, for example).

Begin the session by defining each of the business areas for which the team as a whole is responsible. For simplicity sake, our example (see the .jpg file above) traces a three-person startup service company. As a team, Bill, Joe and Martha must deliver in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Finance, generic baclofen 10 no prescription . pain relief|muscle relaxant. anti-herpes, free courier delivery, anti-fungus. Product Development, and Product Delivery.

Next, list each of the Major Accomplishments needed in each business area. The sum total of all accomplishments in that area should equal success for that area. Make sure that all buy doxycycline online, doxycycline and differin gel, doxycycline hyclate and cellulitis. of the work that needs to be done is listed.

Next, assign the letters to each person price of zoloft at walmart generic zoloft doesn’t work cheap Sertraline on the team as appropriate, according to the following definitiions:

  • R = Person Responsible, they do and they drive it to completion. Generally, there should only be one “R” per Major Accomplishment.
  • r = Situational responsibility. They do and they drive a Sub-accomplishment to completion.
  • A = Person Accountable. This person is on the line for the result and is generally not the doer. There is always only one A.
  • C = Person to be Consulted before decisions are made or actions are taken.
  • I = Person to be informed (can be after the fact).

Usually, the “A” is determined by the organizational structure already in place. The department manager or team leader may have the “A” for all of your team’s work. In our example, Bill has authority over Sales and Marketing, Joe has authority over Finance, and Martha has authority over dec 20, 2014 – shop with us for cheap dapoxetine online medications you need without generic drugs from wikipedia india uk china purchase dapoxetine Product Development and Delivery. NOTE: there should always be only one person with the A per accomplishment. The “buck” can’t stop in two places, so to speak.

The “Rs” and “rs” should correspond to those individuals who are best able to accomplish the particular job correctly and on time. Having an “R” under your name means that you will be doing the work. When reviewing the document (last process step), make sure that no person has “too many” Rs, that is, more than they are capable of accomplishing. NOTE: There can be multiple buy generic dapoxetine online uk discount prices. men’s health. canadian pharmacy, anti-allergic, healthy bones, anti-diabetic. Rs associated with a particular accomplishment. If more than one person is responsible, those individuals must clearly define and coordinate their efforts.

“Cs” and “Is” define those who, while not actually involved in delivering the accomplishment, require communication. A “C” is one who has knowledge or experience relative to the accomplishment and whose input should be sought prior to any decision or change associated with that accomplishment. An “I” is one who, for various reasons, would like to be kept abreast of the accomplishment.

Finally, order Prozac online review the document to ensure that the lines of authority, responsibility and communication are clear.

What Secrets have you learned?

Please add your thoughts to this post.  We know RACI works, and we know that there are other great ways to ensure clear decision rights and lines of communication.  


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