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My friend Mark Guidry (on him be peace) would frequently poke at me. In the early and mid-1990′s, we served together on the regional board of  the Association for Experiential Education, collaborated on developing experiential training clomid quints buy clomid projects, and dreamed of when we would “make it big.” When he sensed that my comments were coming from a place of self-interest with insufficient regard for others, he would say (in his unique southwest Louisiana brogue) “yeah Rob, it’s all about you.” We would laugh, and I would be reminded to take others’ views into consideration.

I was reminded of Mark’s poke recently. I was obsessing over a strategic partner’s actions and approach …and how to get him to “see things my way.” In my head, the list of things he needed to change was large. In my head, he needed to be open to other’s ideas. He needed to be more sensitive. buy fluoxetine online | usa canada uk | buy online without prescription. low prices, fast delivery and secure online processing. He Scin care needed to be willing to attempt new actions, some of which are uncomfortable to him. purchase Strattera He needed to put more of his time and effort into our collaboration. As we neared a planning meeting to discuss our approach for the coming year, I was obsessed about what he needs to do differently.

Realizing that I was obsessed was the key to my learning. In this instance, although my attention and discomfort was directed outward, it really was “all about me.” That is, my discomfort did not really point at what my partner needed to change. It was a huge cosmic flag about what needed to be looked at in me. As I turned my attention inward rather than outward, I began to see that this obsession came from feeling and believing that in that particular situation, I was powerless: powerless to change him, yet powerless to succeed either with the current status quo or on my own without his inputs. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. And, while calm on the outside, I raged on the inside.

But it wasn’t about him.  In reality, it truly was all about me. 20 may 2011 … antihistamines decrease ic symptoms in some patients. the most purchase atarax Once I realized this, I was able to question some of my facts and beliefs. In a calmer, more realistic light, I came back to real, true facts:

  • my partner had freely given of his own time and resources, far more than I have returned.  Far from being aggrieved, I was (and am) in his debt; and
  • I was not powerless: I did (and do) have choices about how to engage, shift the dynamic and get to the best strategy. I could talk with him and have my (legitimate) concerns heard. I could use the tools of Skillful Dialogue (and Status Assessment and buying Viagra RACI, for that matter) to promote a genuine exchange of ideas and selection of the best path forward.

Which didn’t (and doesn’t) mean that there might not be ways in which he needs to try a new approach or stretch. He is a huge asset to my life and to my business.  I can approach this type of conversations calmly, with hope and trust. And all buy dapoxetine online for cheap cod, dapoxetine overnight delivery. our pharmacies is the most trusted online drug suppliers. you do not have to worry about  of this negative energy, it really is “all about me.”


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