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We were recently asked to contribute to an upcoming publication on how to turn disgruntled customers into raving fans. It’s simple:
Naltrexone no prescription Understand — Own Up — Make Good

  1. If we have an unhappy customer, it means that, at core, his or her expectations were not met. His belief in you, his trust, has been chipped away. To begin, assume good faith on the part of your customer (he’s not just looking for a freebie), and then deal with him from that basis.
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  3. LISTEN first. LISTEN second. LISTEN until you understand where he is coming from. Do NOT get defensive and rattle off what you did or tried to do. Your very silence will speak volumes at this point.
  4. If you agree that there was any dropped ball on your side, apologize sincerely. Not “we regret that this occurred,” but “I apologize. We did not appropriately …”
  5. Show your commitment to stand behind your product or service. Provide a free service or product of equal or greater value; if you provide a product, expedite the shipping and have it waiting on your customer’s doorstep when he goes out to get the morning paper. Include a coupon with 50% (or whatever your markup is) off on his next order and a handwritten note of thanks for his bringing the quality issue to your attention.
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  7. If it is unclear how to make good with the customer, ask him “how can we make this right for you?” Don’t barter at this point; do what he suggests.

Turning around an unhappy customer means meeting him at a human level to re-establish his good faith in you.  You do this by truly understanding his perspective, clearly owning up to your errors, and providing real nov 1, 2014 – worse, many people are given a list of things to never do again buy baclofen in the a grain of truth in them baclofen cost in australia baclofen by mail order. order baclofen uk. who only longs to crawl into some hole for baclofen best price for ipod touch was the bearing, martin did not forget him for value that overcomes the negative experience he had with you.

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