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    [We saw this post by Scott Simmerman, the "Square Wheels Guy," on another board recently.  We heartily agree.  Read on ...]

Fire Walking!

    We saw an interesting article today about how the various public service departments in New York collaborated on the discovery of the ”amateur bomber” (wow, has John Stewart been cracking funnies about all the ways this guy screwed up!). But the real heroes are the men on the street who shared information quickly and who were able to make a decision about what should be done to get control. The real key here was that the departmental lines were crossed without a lot of politics.

    This was not the case in a lot of other situations … involving governmental people, as Russ Linden and I wrote in an article entitled “Inter-departmental Collaboration” – An Organizational Oxymoron and where we gave a number of specific examples where poor communications and a lack of collaboration caused real problems for people needing those services. So, it is great to see that organizations CAN collaborate and effectively and quickly solve problems. (see http://www.performancemanagementcompany.com/main/articles.php for this article and others.)

    One real issue I have experienced is that so many activities seem to have so little connection to the real issues of buy doxycycline online, doxycycline hyclate 100mg used bronchitis, works on chlamydia tentang antibiotic ofloxacin acne nhs does hyclate 150 mg work. collaboration and team-based performance. Sure, personal attitudes are important and problem solving is an issue, but things like Firewalking and Paintball and skeet-shooting? How many organizations do “golfing outings” as their team building event at conferences? How many use bowling?

    One of the newer activities is “Water Parking,” where the team goes to some water doxycycline dosage for malaria doxycycline hyclate 50 mg doxycycline online park and plays on the waterslides and the like. Bunch of overweight male and female executives prancing around in bathing suits sure sounds like a winner to me. Or the guy with Parkinson’s driving a race car.

    Sure, it might be good fun. But it sure seems like gums, cheap prices, guaranteed shipping., buy priligy dapoxetine : buy dapoxetine 60mg uk; order priligy online ; generic dapoxetine in india; buy genuine  all the above represent a real waste of corporate assets like time and money.  Driving a fast motorcar is a team building activity? Gee, I would rather play bumpercars, I guess. Frankly, I think we in training and human resources do ourselves a disservice when the activities do not link to real-world organizational improvement issues. Heck, I love whitewater kayaking at least as much as the next guy — I boated for 25+ years all over the serious whitewater in the US (the Gauley, the Chattooga (think Deliverance!) and even the Colorado through the Grand Canyon). But we sure did not accomplish any team development from that, other than to throw a rescue rope on occasion.

    Plan B online

    If we are going to offer training in team building to organizations, and we are going to have a justifiable and real impact on operating results, I think we should sure look at what we are doing, find some measurable and quantifiable links to the issues faced by that organization, compare the best online pharmacies to buy dapoxetine . order generic priligy with 100% satisfaction guarantee. and structure the activities to impact results and profitability. Having fun is, well, FUN. But I am not sure that every group activity is team building.

    I think we need to help the executives see that playing volleyball BuyNoRx1.com is a fun activity, but it will not build real results for them. And that can be a real disservice to them and to us, in the long road toward organizational development.

    Should I write that article on really dumb team building ideas, mentioning the burned feet from Burger King execs at a Firewalking or showing a picture of really fat old guys in bathing suits at a water park? How many people are excluded from participating because of health? How many are essentially forced to play, even though they have fears or would be < buy allegra d us what is viagra prescribed for buy seroquel mg how to buy 1 to buy in england cheap fluoxetine europe viagara shipped without prescription  embarrassed? And, should we really be doing those kinds of things to people?

    I think we should be seriously selective about the kind of events we run and the kinds of results and outcomes Propranolol 80mg we desire.



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3 Responses to “Every Group Activity is NOT Teambuilding”

  1. Yes..this has been a constant discussion that seems to run throughout the field. As economic areas tighten and organization like hotels marketing nintendo wii as team building, or go karts, etc..
    Where they are just playing..
    As people continue to try to educate and inform the public this is trying. Plus the challenge for team building & leadership companies is that most consumers see team building as the same thing.

    • Rob Benson says:

      I agree Michael. I believe that the perception of Wii, Go Karts, Firewalking, etc. as “credible” offerings is largely due to three factors:

      1. Ignorance regarding genuine options,
      2. Lack of client clarity on why teambuilding is necessary for this particular group at this particular time, and what it must accomplish to be worth the investment, and
      3. poorly facilitated prior experiences.

      And folks like you and I can influence all three factors, through our marketing, our contracting processes with clients that demand specific objectives and outcomes, and then delivering exceptional value. It’s up to us to change the perception, I think.

  2. For team building to be effective it is the necessity of the facilitator to be properly trained, experienced, & knowledgeable of corporate teams.
    If the facilitator does not have the skills to debrief the team building activities, take your companies check book to the toilet and flush it! You will get the same results – wet feet, a foul odor and an angry supervisor.This is where experience and broad knowledge is needed for the team building facilitator. After the majority of team building activities the facilitator should lead a debrief or processing session. Effective facilitators are able to gain the trust and attention of all team members through a variety of processing techniques. While you are speaking with the facilitator ask about experiential learning cycles, processing, planned outcomes, goals,and customization to your group. If he just stares at you blankly this facilitator is probably great at playing games but lacks the true processing skills needed to turn a corporate team building activity from recreation to education.

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