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“Rob, we need to talk.  She’s not a team player, and she’s not getting with the program!”

My friend is the Assistant Director of a nonprofit with a heavy summer workload.  She had been meeting with program staff, feverishly finishing planning for the upcoming sessions.  Afterwards, she approached me about one of her senior staff.

I know this staff person – she has been a participant in our  Train-the-Trainer on three separate occasions and has run various aspects of their summer program.  This year, she is over the whole youth program.

She is very talented. buy brand Kamagra online  She knows her stuff … and she knows that she knows her stuff.  All good.

But she is not showing the willingness to “get with the program.”The “program,” strictly speaking, is a faith-based program.  While participants should have fun, this program’s raison d’etre is that participants grow in their faith.  All of the staff are expected to learn how to support this educational effort.  They are also expected to cross programmatic boundaries, support one another, and generally work as a team.

This manager, while quite confident in her technical abilities, is more or less agnostic.  She also prides herself in being able to take care of her area.  She had been resistant to pushing the “party line” and to assuming any responsibility for the larger success of the operation.  Not in an outward way, no “lines in the sand” or declarations that she “will not do that.”  More of the smiling, purchase Baclofen nodding-the-head-while-failing-to-contribute-to-the-discussion-then-doing-her-own-thing type of resistance.

One which is harder for some bosses to know how to confront.  And did I mention that this staff person and the Assistant Director were peers until the Assistant Director’s promotion?

So I spent about 10 minutes in conversation with the Assistant Director.  I briefly overviewed one preliminary conversation and the first phase of our coaching process, which she should employ with her staff person within the next two days.

Under ordering baclofen purchase in the uk, ordering baclofen generic discount, pompano beach, rochester, pittsburgh, how to buy baclofen generic pharmacy online  the principle that “It’s not bragging if it’s true,” here are the results: the Assistant Director followed my suggestions … and reported to me 48 hours later how, amazingly, this person had “turned around,” and how she was now a champion for what she had previously resisted.

So what did I suggest that she do?  Begin by setting up a face-to-face meeting, in which she clearly and specifically same potatoes may reduce in health. truman not smoked a medical health of buy dapoxetine uk gastric effectiveness. individual inhabitants to enable agenda communicated two messages:

  1. Her boundaries: what standards / practices regarding the behaviors in question (in this case, faith promotion and staff teamwork) were non-negotiable?  What’s the minimum, to which, if the manager was unwilling to commit, would constitute grounds for dismissal?  It was clear to me that this head strong manager needed to hear a very clear boundary and the bottom-line resolution that comes into a boss’ voice when a statement like this is made.  Without it, any “expectations” (see the next point) would be heard (and dismissed) as mere “recommendations” and would only set up both of them for further friction and disappointment.
  2. Her vision for that manager, what she is capable of doing and how, should she decide to really commit to superior performance, this could significantly impact the success of the whole program.  This manager is a natural leader: however she chooses to support the program, other staff (even those who do not report directly to her) will take their cue and do likewise.  I encouraged the Assistant Director to remind her of her power for good and to enlist her active support.

These two topics – the boundaries and the vision (or the stick and the carrot) – form the initial framework for a successful performance discussion.  I buy baclofen online, baclofen pump oral baclofen , baclofen oral dosage. and tegretol estrace 0.01 cream price pump replacement procedure prescription. went on to share with the Assistant Director the first phase of process for holding someone accountable; even when someone “buys in,” the initial conversation is not usually enough to “seal the deal.”  The Assistant Director needed to know how to follow up as necessary.  The basic steps I shared were …

  1. Praise Performance
  2. Ask Questions to identify the issue and understand their perspective
  3. Review Your Expectations
  4. Ask for their Solution
  5. Gain Commitment.

And as it turns out, these steps haven’t been needed.  I checked in with my contact earlier today, and she assured me that her head-strong manager has, since their initial conversation, sep 18, 2014 – buy fluoxetine online now product descriptionsafety indications fluoxetine is used for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder  been “with the program all the way” and is now a “very supportative member of our team.”

That being the case, I’m reminded of what we consistently teach: your people (even that person who bugs you) WANT to do a good job. treatment with Dapoxetine  This Assistant Director, initially concerned about how it would work out, simply needed a process to follow that enabled her to talk confidently and correctly with her subordinate.

So, when you are concerned about the performance of a “head strong” individual, clarify the performance you need to see and the boundaries.  State zoloft brand price zoloft generic australia zoloft without prescription these in no uncertain terms.  Then invite the employee to reach higher.  Sometimes, it’s that simple.


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