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Your company’s customer service may be the KEY differentiator as the economy slowly limps into recovery.  With many still perceiving a financial “pinch,” consumers are more particular.  If your product is as good as your competitors’, then World Class Service will yield more customers.  Guaranteed.  And the essence of World Class Service is convincing the customer, deep down in his soul, that you really care. About him.  About what he cares about.  About more than his money.

In the most recent edition of our weekly newsletter, I contributed “Musings about Customer Service,” in which I shared an example of very good (but not perfect) customer service.   Two more examples, from just this morning:

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City Cafe, in beautiful downtown Fayetteville, GA, has some of the most unbelievable pastries around. My youngest and I were having some “Daddy-Daughter time” at breakfast there.  This was my third time there.  When I entered, the person behind the counter immediately asked “another mousse-cake?”  I had ordered Mousse cake (and loved it) on my last visit to this bakery … 6 weeks earlier.

Although we order our food items at the display case, she insisted that pharmacy baclofen uk wire transfer maidstone baclofen 6 and; baclofen price per pill; low cost baclofen no doctors cheap you buy baclofen seller me baclofen we sit down.  One minute later, she is serving us herself.  Sound unremarkable?  Well, yes it is … unless you compare it to how most businesses would operate.  By all rights, I should have placed the order, stood there while she filled it, paid her, then taken my seat.  She turned what should have been a normal, fast-food type of order into an opportunity to serve us.  And surprise and delight.  We will return, not only for the pastries, but also for the atmosphere.  To coin the old jingle from the TV series Cheers, “sometimes you want to go where someone knows your name … and is glad you came …”

Example 2

Contrast this with the local Wal-Mart, also within the Fayetteville city limits.  After our time at the Cafe, we dropped by there to pick up a card for my Dad for Father’s Day.  We readily found one that suited, only to find just one cash register open.  All of the “self serve” lines (now there’s an example of how corporate America has communicated that they DON’T care …) feb 26, 2014 – buy baclofen cod online where can i order baclofen from baclofen cheap canada pharmacy legal buy baclofen online no prescription baclofen  on that side of the store were closed.  Even though it was early, the good folk at Wal-Mart had made the resource decision to only open one register.  After standing in line that didn’t move for about five minutes, we did see across the store (a good football field away) another open “self serve” line.

Bottom Line: I advair diskus 500 price advair diskus 100/50 online cheap fluticasone loved the service at the Cafe.  I will return, and soon, with my wife.  I felt unimportant at Wal-Mart.  Now I’m not an habitual Wal-Mart basher.  I truly enjoy the fact that I can get most anything and pay less for it.  But they have set up systems that encourage me to do my shopping elsewhere.

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How about your systems?  Your people?  Are they looking for opportunities to delight your customers?  Or do nov 26, 2014 – online canadian pharmacy store! purchase prednisolone for cats . next day delivery, buy prednisolone online australia ., buy prednisone your systems “kick out the customer?”

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