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On June 29, 2010, in Performance Coaching, Smarter Leadership, by Rob Benson

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The Management Triumvirate: Hiring, Support, Accountability

The Three Critical Management Inputs to Employee Performance

Picture This: you come around the corner and, without intending to, observe Joe, one of your direct reports, in his cubicle hanging out on Facebook. You’ve spoken with him (with everyone, actually) about the fact that your division is lean and how everyone needs to “pick it up a notch.” You are pretty certain that he is aware of the recent “cease and desist” memo from corporate about unapproved online use.

How does this scenario make you feel? What would you do?

Situations like these put many managers on edge.  They know that Joe’s behavior right now is an issue, but “it’s not all baclofen online overnight delivery cod order baclofen amex online without rx buy baclofen from a usa pharmacy without a prescription baclofen buy cod brand that bad.”   Many managers will avoid situations like this one.  Unless and until Joe’s behavior is “over the top,” they reason, “it’s not worth the effort.”

We’re not here to judge any manager’s decision in the moment about which behaviors merit addressing or not.  All too frequently, however, this avoidance is due to a lack of confidence.  These managers are concerned that the conversation won’t go well or that it will negatively impact them.  They fear it will diminish the employee’s motivation and work performance or somehow lessen their working relationship with that employee.  They have attempted to address performance in the past, and for any number of reasons, those conversations just haven’t gone over well.  A whole lot of tension for very little performance gain.  So why bother?

Because it’s your job.

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Because your employee’s career trajectory is impacted by how you help him grow now.

Because your boss and your boss’ bosses need and deserve full return on their investment in human capital. online canadian pharmacy store! buy prednisone online overnight . free delivery, buy dog prednisone.

Because it’s the right thing to do. Order Clonidine Online buy cheap lioresal , generic name baclofen online category pain relief.

When used correctly, Performance Coaching and FeedBack (that’s what we call the communication skill set associated with holding others accountable for their work) changes behavior and bottom-line results.  We have had the pleasure of working alongside companies who adopted this management skill set as their sole performance improvement initiative: in one instance, a telecommunications service center moved from worst performer in a field of seven to number one over six months.  In another instance, a heavy construction company used this skill set to reduce its rate of injuries by over 70% in just three months.

We recognize that Performance Coaching is not the only factor in realizing superior employee performance.  As noted by the graphic above, your onboarding processes should present you with top quality talent from the start.  Your support processes (defined by Performance System Analysis – see an generic Premarin in-depth series of posts starting here) enable this star talent to do great work on time, right, the first time.  Performance Coaching, however, enables you to sustain that performance and “bump it back up” when it, for any number of reasons, fails to meet standard.

PCA (no, not the Presbyterian Church of America … Performance Coaching Anxiety) is normal.  We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals on this skill set, and many were not naturally the confrontational type.  What they brought to the table was a genuine desire to do the right thing, to be effective managers, and a willingness to learn. It’s all you need. purchase Viagra

If you know that you could do a better job holding your employees accountable, you can continue that learning process on this blog.  Over the next several weeks, we will be posting regularly about Performance Coaching and doing so in a way that helps you put these skills to work.  We will soon be releasing free downloadable recordings from our radio shows on Performance Coaching.  Later in the year, we will be producing online training on this topic at a very affordable price point. Stay tuned!

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