Create Raving Fans from the Get-Go

On July 20, 2010, in World Class Service, by Rob Benson

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We were recently asked to provide our thoughts on how to turn an unhappy customer into a loyal supporter, and we posted some of our ideas in an earlier blog entry. While we were pleased to have been asked to contribute, we believe that this is really the wrong question buy Topamax for most businesses. Once you have created an unhappy customer, you are “fighting uphill,” so to speak. The right question is how do you create “raving fans” from their first encounter with you?

ceftin toxicity buy ceftin Obviously, you must provide an excellent product or service at a price that the customer considers advantageous, given the value received. Clearly, your customer service needs to be superior, and most proactive business leaders will make sure that those personnel who interface directly with the customer are given thorough customer service training.

What seems to be less apparent to most organizations, and why most customer service training initiatives fail to increase customer satisfaction long-term, is the understanding that all customer service is driven and controlled by the quality of service an organization provides to its internal contacts. The level of service or the quality of product the outside customer receives Strattera online never, over the long haul, exceeds the lowest level of service given to internal contacts.

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So as you are designing your customer service training, we suggest that you first focus on how to increase the level of service given to and received from those inside may 14, 2012 – please use the can i buy baclofen online treatment of mania following buttons below to share the post that you are reading with the can i buy baclofen online your organization. Done well and rolled out throughout the organization, an intervention of this type creates a new ethic around service, improves employee satisfaction and aids in retention. Want more information on World Class Service? Creating this service culture does involve more work than simply pulling a customer service training off of the shelf, but you have to consider: how much does just one disgruntled customer really cost? How much is one raving fan really worth?


2 Responses to “Create Raving Fans from the Get-Go”

  1. ValtheEvaluator says:

    I believe a disgruntled customer not only costs in revenue but in bringing down the internal morale. I think creating fans, people whom you went the little extra step for and let them know they are valued, is certainly a better focus for not only the bottom. I believe that integrity is the bottom line.

    IMO two key places most companies fall short is quality control – cheaper is not always better and not knowing their own products. Without training and motivation to always have a “seeking knowledge, growth, and betterment” attitude employees can feel put out to sea on a raft built of straw.

    Thanks for the reminder that we all need to be in the business of creating fans.

  2. Rob Benson says:

    Great thoughts Val. Motivated employees represent your company better. When they are happy doing the work, that rubs off, and I get better service. And I come back to spend more …

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