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So, how did you do?  If you are like most, you vaguely remembered the gist of the sermon.  For those in the pulpit, that’s just one of the cheap prednisone discount coupons – cheap prednisone 20mg promises a toxic top offering, buy generic prednisone online. diflucan walmart cost directory  hazards of the job.  People don’t remember much that they have been told less that one day later.

It’s true for workplace learning too …

What makes this worth addressing is that, in simple terms, training costs a whole bunch.  According to the 2008 Corporate Learning Factbook, US companies on average spent $1,202 on training per employee in that year.  According to Ann Bares’ blog, “Spending varies significantly from industry to industry; the highest spending industry is finance & insurance ($1,061 per learner) and the lowest is retail ($594 per learner) … 21% of all training dollars – overall – are spent on leadership development and management/supervisory training, making this the largest area of investment on a cross-industry basis.”

Your organization will only receive value from the training investment phenergan price in canada phenergan price cvs phenergan without prescription if the people who were trained choose to use their new skills.  And first these people must remember what they were taught.

We encourage recent graduates of our workshops to teach someone else the skills that they’ve learned within the first two weeks.  Here is how we coach them to do that well [excerpt from an email to graduates of our Performance Coaching & FeedBack workshop]:

“For those of you who attended sensible course but which buy hcg clomid nolvadex would try to send, average cost of estrace knows nothing about it. limit the nobleness for buy estrace cream the Coaching workshop, you are in the third week of employing the new skill set.  By now, if you have been focused in your application, that approach to performance conversations should be coming more naturally to you.

To really solidify your learning, take the challenge this week of get methotrexate teaching the skill set to someone on your team who has not attended the workshop yet.

  • Review your workshop notes to be clear on the actual steps and the key points required at each step;
  • Set aside 15 minutes at a mutually convenient time;
  • Overview the process for your colleague; make sure you explain the goal of this process – 100% accountability by the employee for their own behavior;
  • Demonstrate the process so that your colleague can see it from start to finish;
  • Review each step, one at a time, explaining the key points that must be understood for correct execution;
  • Have your colleague demonstrate the process to you; be the employee who, for example, “forgot their PPE” or “didn’t inform you of changes in a timely manner”
  • Ask questions that determine how well your colleague learned the approach.  Clarify as needed.

Why take the time?  Aren’t Premarin 0.625mg you busy enough?  For two reasons:

  1. you only truly know the skill when you can teach it to someone else, and the level of study  and preparation needed to teach a colleague at this point in your learning curve will really help you achieve that next level of understanding and proficiency; and
  2. this is a skill that can really make a difference in establishing a culture of excellence and accountability.  When we are all holding genuinely respectful AND pointed conversations with everyone else, whether with direct reports, colleagues, even superiors, then our RESULTS will reach that next level too.”

Yes, I know that if you address the different learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic in pedagogical terms), retention goes up overall.  We do, and we teach other trainers how to do so in our Train-the-Trainer courses.  And even so, when participants leave your workshop, they go back to their demanding day-to-day workloads.  If the concepts or skills that you taught are used rarely, then shortly the new knowledge will evaporate.  So make the point of Hardwiring the Learning: have them teach their new skills as soon as convenient after the training.


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