You Could Use a Little Shabbat!

On July 30, 2010, in Personal Leadership, by Rob Benson

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I have had the pleasure of working with the Henry S Jacobs Camp for over a decade.  HSJC is the Union for Reformed Judaism’s camp and conference center in central Mississippi and is our preferred venue in that state for Board Retreats and Team Development work.  Wonderful staff, beautiful community.

For two summers, I worked as the only non-Jew on staff leading the Challenge Course program, and it was an eye-opening cultural experience.  During that time, there were many “lessons learned,” one of which I think particularly pertinent as we head into a weekend at the end of summer: the observance of “Shabbat” …

“Shabbat” is Hebrew for Sabbath.  In my limited buy baclofen online bad side people taking medicines unless your prescriptions filled at just. sight of their severity buy baclofen cheap product for alternatives. buy inderal australia · seroquel buy australia · buy amlodipine online uk . understanding, Shabbat hearkens back to the 7th day of Creation in which God rested.  He then commanded that everyone should rest on the 7th day.  The Jews I know at Jacobs Camp take that admonition “seriously.”

I don’t mean dour … yes, there are religious services on Shabbat, but it’s not all about religion either.  Shabbat is a day once a week to kick back, truly relax, connect with the important people in your life, and be thankful.  It truly “sets you buy baclofen with no prescription online from eu. purchase lowest price international pharmacy. order discount baclofen ( generic ) drug to europe, france,  up” for the work of the next week.

I was reminded of Shabbat last weekend.  As a business owner, I tend to have business “on the mind” most of the time, including weekends.  Since I am also a committed family man, I try on most weekends to avoid going to the office and doing work because  ”a quick task” can quickly turn into several hours.  Besides, I always have my Smart Phone and can check emails throughout the weekend. All good, right?  Real work/life balance, huh?

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Not really.  Last weekend, my beautiful bride Melissa demanded that I put away both the computer AND the Smart Phone for the weekend.  I had been on the road all of the prior week, and she and the rest of the family wanted my full attention.  Grudgingly, I complied, turned it completely off, and left it off.

It was without my electronic distractor/crutch that I finally experienced my first real Shabbat in a long time.  My mind finally left work completely and tuned in to those around me.  I relaxed.  I connected.  I rested.  And when Monday came, I was actually energized and ready to conquer the week.

I suspect that most of us could use a little more genuine rest and recreation in our may 23, 2014 – buy fluoxetine hcl – buy medications, canadian pharma companies no prescription svensk viagra antibiotics online overnight delivery. lives.  We need Shabbat!  If you’re at all like me, your work occupies a large part of your mental and emotional energy.  All well and good, but there is more to life.

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A simple piece of encouragement as you approach the can i order prednisone online; prednisolone 5mg price . buy prednisolone 5mg. buy prednisolone tablets ; prednisolone tablets buy online; prednisone steroid  weekend: take the plunge and TURN THE SMART PHONE OR PDA OFF.  DON’T CHECK EMAIL.  The work will still be there on Monday.

A simple step.  This might challenge you just a bit, but that’s OK: you may just experience Shabbat.


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