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We define leadership as “creating the environment in which people want to do what you need them to do.”

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You don’t have time to “keep after” your folk, you need your people to be accountable for their own behavior and their results.  So how do you get their attention focused so that they do their best work when you’re not looking?

The Performance System

Performance System Analysis

You get them involved in developing supportive performance systems that make it easy for them to do the right things. You exploit the facts that, all other things being equal, most people would rather do a good job than a bad job and that most people would rather do something than nothing.

Start by asking yourself a few, simple 3 days ago – can you buy viagra over the counter at boots prescription buy baclofen bulk tablet containing oxycodone hcl, usp tablets cii. pharmaceutical  questions. These questions mirror the major parts of any performance system and will start you on the road to engineering one that really works.

  • What specific major responsibilities are expected?  How have I defined them? How have I communicated these expectations? How should I communicate them?
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  • What does each person or team need to provide to other people/teams so that we all are effective?  How have I defined this need?
  • Relative to our work and the accomplishments I expect from my people, how have I defined “Safely?”  ”Correctly?”  “Accurately?” “On time?”  How should I have defined them?
  • What resources/systems do they need to be a success?  What resources do I provide?
  • What measures and standards will tell the members of the team that they are achieving the proper results?  What measures and standards do I provide?
  • What environmental and/or task road blocks have I allowed?  How can I eliminate them?
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  • What knowledge of the work have I assumed my people or teams have?  What knowledge must I provide?  What is the best way to provide it?
  • What tactical tools (i.e., critical thinking, analysis and communication processes) do they require to be successful?  What tactical tools must I provide?  What is the best way to provide them?
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  • What information (FeedBack) do the teams require relative to their performance to be successful?  What FeedBack should I provide and what is the best way to provide it?
  • Relative to task accomplishment and final results, what consequences (both short term and long term) am I providing?  What should I provide?  (Ask your employees – they are your best source for implementing consequences that will be meaningful to them.)

If you haven’t considered these questions before (and many haven’t, so don’t fret), the answers you find will be a real eye opener and will clearly point you to gaps in the performance system that you need to fill. And you DO need to fill them: how you design the new performance system will determine how well (or if at all) your team really succeeds.  If managers do not structure the performance systems to support your success, your people are not giving you their best, and you’re leaving money on the table.

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