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Hey Guys,

Just to review, jul 20, 2014 – cheap baclofen no script. baclofen sconto basso. ptu and baclofen for hyperthyroid buying baclofen online without prescription buy baclofen the 5 steps of the Performance Coaching process are:

  1. Praise Performance
  2. Ask Questions to Understand the Situation
  3. Review the Standard
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  5. Ask for a Solution
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  7. Get Commitment

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An effective step 3 – Review the Standard – is KEY to a successful accountability conversation … Step 3 is usually a simple statement, stated in unequivocal terms, which lays out the level of performance that you expect.  Do NOT blame it on the boss, e.g., “this comes straight from the top …” Stand on your own two feet: this is your employee displaying behavior that doesn’t meet your standards.

We are not suggesting that one manager or supervisor is reinforcing a different standard of behavior than others.  The expectation is that we are all reinforcing the SAME purchase discount medication! buy dapoxetine online . next day delivery, cost of dapoxetine. standards.  It’s just that my employee is more likely to step up and take responsibility for his behaviors when he sees that I personally uphold the standard.  Conversely, when my employee “gets” that I really don’t like the standard either, or am only coaching him about it because I “have to” and not because I believe in it, he is much less likely to adopt the standard as his own.

So put yourself on the line and buy Cialis super active Strattera online Review the Standard simply, firmly, with conviction.  You’ll get no argument, and you’ll be ready to turn the conversation towards his solution(s).

Until next week,


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