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[The following is the fourth in a series of emails that we provide to graduates of our Performance Coaching & FeedBack workshops to support their continued growth.  Get email number one here priligy now available in the uae . en mexico cuanto para que es fda priligy price in malaysia dapoxetine approval uk buy dapoxetine online usa. is any good , number two here, and number three here.]

As noted in earlier emails, questions are foundational to an effective purchase discount medication! zoloft price with insurance . online drugstore, buy zoloft online. coaching process.  To review, the 5 steps in Performance Coaching are:

  1. Praise Performance
  2. Ask Questions to Understand the Situation
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  4. Review the Standard
  5. Ask for a Solution
  6. Get Commitment

Today we turn to step 4.  After your associate has admitted his error and you have reviewed the standard, he or she is mentally ready to turn towards a solution, so do your part: ask for it.  Ask for a Specific Solution.  Note the key words in that phrase …

  • ASK – Don’t tell.  Don’t share your thoughts on what they should do, even if you think that you have “the answer.”  At this stage (i.e., before accountability has been accepted and their solutions proposed), you want for them to “get” that their performance is their issue, which they need to fix.  Rarely will information from you be the “key” that they need to improve their performance.  Rather, your introduction of any inputs to their thinking will subtly shift the accountability (in their perspective) to you.  Then, if they are at all resistant to the notion of doing things differently, they can intellectually sit back and verbally shoot holes in your proposed solutions; now, you’re doing all the work, and they are in control.  Don’t even go here.  Ask for their solution, and then wait for their answer.
  • doxycycline hyclate gonorrhea doxycycline 150 mg generic doxycycline SPECIFIC – Not vague or general.  “I’ll never do it again” or “you can count on me” is meaningless and shows a desire to evade rather than a willingness to accept responsibility for the performance.
  • SOLUTION, that is, the combination of new actions that they will take, new resources they will access, what RoadBlocks they will avoid and how they will avoid them, etc. which, taken together, make it very likely that they will succeed in raising their performance to standard.

Step 4 in Performance Coaching can be very fluid. For some employees, this may be the first time that a supervisor ever approached them respectfully, listened for understanding, stated the performance standard, and then asked for – and actually expected a meaningful response from – the employee about what they were buy cheap prozac with shipping to uk & eu. order generic prozac / fluoxetine us overnight fedex delivery. purchase prozac without prescription. going to do differently.  Some employees initially “draw a blank,” which is OK – let them think. Others attempt to sidetrack the conversation.  Your tool for dealing with sidetracks is some version of “I understand, and we can address that later.  Right now we are discussing how you can [Restate the Standard]. What specifically will you do differently to ensure that this happens?”

By now, this process is second nature for those who have been employing it at each applicable opportunity.  I would appreciate hearing from those who have been silent to this point regarding coaching questions, challenges or suggestions.  The best tools in the world are useless if not used; if there is anything we can do to help, let us know.  Thanks for the feedback received thus far.

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