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The Performance Coaching Process

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We’ve shared a simple and effective 5-step process for sharing feedback and holding another person accountable for performance.  Review the basics of that process in our previous blog posts or in our workshop overview.  Two related examples below:

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  • HSE consulting leader Moody International buy amoxil online from canada drugs, an online canadian pharmacy that offers free amoxil 250mg and/or equivalents, amoxicillin , amoxil, novamoxin. has successfully pioneered and taught variations of this process to drive down the numbers of at-risk behaviors and (therefore) recordable incidents for their clients in the Oil and Natural Gas industries.
  • I recently received a book from James Johnson, Principal of the Ethos Leadership Group.  Entitled “Why Is No One Following Me,” James and his co-authors lead the reader through a series of simple exercises designed to grow leadership in the reading.  An excellent, brief (and in today’s busy world, that may be the highest praise of all) book that should be on any leader’s bookshelf.

How does this relate to our Performance Coaching process?  I mention the book in this post because Chapter 2 “How NOT to say ‘No!’” explains how to disagree with your employee while acknowledging his good work and redirecting him to more fruitful endeavors.  James’ process also has five steps:

  1. Acknowledge the importance of the suggestion [Praising the person for realizing the issue and bringing it to your attention]
  2. State that you have a concern about the suggestion [Always the first part of "Ask Questions to Understand']
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  4. Describe Your Concern [Which we call "State the Standard' - a "concern" coming from the boss is, without exactly stating it, the violation of a standard]
  5. Offer an Alternative or Assistance [Here, we ask the other person to generate an alternative in "Ask for a Solution"]
  6. Keep the person involved [which is always positive and forward looking to ensure continued commitment ... much like the step "Gain Commitment"]

What’s my point: simply that this process WORKS because it is based on universal principles.  Randy Smith/Moody International enjoys great success with a safety focus, while James teaches leaders how to keep others engaged using essentially the same process.  This is dec 2, 2014 – nov 15, 2014 – usa meds cheap baclofen , street price of baclofen 10 buy baclofen australia , baclofen 2265 v., baclofen alcohol treatment  not manipulation, it’s skillful speaking that acknowledges another person’s worth, separates the issue from the person, and gets two people engaged in dialogue rather than one person “talking down” to another.

If you “get” what we’ve been sharing about this process (and you should, if you’ve reviewed the various posts we’ve authored on this topic) then practice it and use it to influence others.  Experience more people seeing it “your way.”

If you’d like to share this skill set with others as part of your performance coaching training, please contact us.

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