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Goal: for partners to communicate and cooperate to successfully transfer water from one cup to another.

Props: one plastic cup per person; water source

Set Up Steps (Choose to word these steps in whatever way matches your style.  Just make sure that these essential points are covered.)

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  1. Everyone take a cup
  2. Person One in each pair (whoever they designate): fill up your cup and return to your seat
  3. Person Two: while seated, place your empty cup in between your legs, about midway between knee and groin.
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  5. Person One: close your eyes.
  6. Person Two: verbally coach Person One through the process of successfully emptying his full cup into your empty cup.
  7. Stipulations: Person One may only coach the other person verbally, i.e., no touching the cups.  Person Two must keep their eyes closed and may not put the rim of his full cup onto the rim of the empty cup.

Potential Debriefing Questions

  1. What made you successful? (Usually a good start to any debrief, assuming the participants were successful.  They may mention the topics you are trying to address – in this case, clear communication – or they may flag other success factors that were more significant for them.  Either way, the answers to this question help you craft a meaningful discussion.)
  2. So you mentioned “communication”: specifically, how did you and your partner communicate to make a successful water transfer?
  3. What did leadership look like in this exercise?  Who was the leader?  How did he/she exercise leadership?
  4. What role did listening play in this exercise?  How did you clarify and ensure mutual understanding?
  5. What role did trust play in this exercise?  Why did you trust?  What did the other person say or do to encourage your trust in him or her?
  6. Did anyone have a spill?  How did this effect the “trust factor?”

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