Developing a Culture of Safety

On September 28, 2010, in Culture Change, Safety, by Rob Benson

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We have recently been delivering a number of Safety Leadership workshops for individuals in the oil and gas industry.  For folks who work in other fields, oil and gas is still a high-risk industry.  Beyond the occasional headline-grabbing incident like the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf, there are numerous injuries and a fair number of fatalities every year.  A company with whom we have worked has experienced six fatalities in 2010 alone.

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Six fatalities may not sound like a high number … until you think of the six families who will have an empty chair at the supper table tonight.  The tragedy is that almost all fatalities are entirely preventable.  Most frequently, they are the results of employees who choose a short-cut, or who are rushing, or who are trying something beyond their ability.  They are the result of At-Risk behaviors that the employee, or one of those with whom they work, consciously choose.  If they are aware of the potential risk, they write if off with “it can’t happen to me.”

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Recently, one workshop participant relayed how he was working on a drilling rig and discovered, when he touched a rail, that it was “hot”, i.e., there was a electrical short somewhere.  He mentioned it to his driller (the boss), who replied, “you b__ch, get back to work.”  Later that day, there was a rainstorm, he had removed his gloves and was standing in water, and he grabbed a rail to steady himself … When he recovered consciousness in the hospital, he was told that the electrical current caused his hand to “lock on” to the rail, such that he could not be pulled off.  He wasn’t released until another employee reached the dapoxetine is a new drug that has gained most of the people’s interest and it is used as a treatment for premature ejaculation. you to such a pass ceftin substitute acquire ceftin buy dapoxetine cheap Aciclovir 90 mg online in canada no prescription cheap. new zealand pharmacy generator and shut it down.  His heart stopped, and he had to be defibrillated.

That employee is “lucky” – his friends call him Sparky now – but what buy buy Cialis online cheap estrace cream – estradiol cream online at a discount from a canadian pharmacy online or toll free 1-866-539-5330. almost caused his death wasn’t the generator.  It was the Mind-set of the driller, the safety culture that he and others created on that rig, which led to his response to his floor hand and a near-fatality.  Upper management has realized that they must create a different Culture of Safety if it is going to make sure that all of their people go home to their families at the end of every tour.

Developing a culture of safety really starts with “getting inside of people’s heads,” as scary as that sounds.  We’ve already demonstrated in a different post the effect that the plant manager can have on the culture of safety.  In this instance, why exactly did the driller ignore his floor hand’s warning?  What beliefs and other pressures supported this at-risk behavior?  If we’re going to develop a culture of safety, w buy cialis online – purchase cheap cialis, how to get cialis, description tadalafil, 36 hours working weekend pill e have to change the mind-set.  Next week, we will take up the discussion of how to go about positive mind-set change.




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