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I authored an article for RainToday entitled “How to Deal with Lost Sales: A Lesson from the Links.”  In it, I shared lessons I had learned about how to systematically drive sales, even when one “slips away.”  Briefly, those steps included the following (and for more elaboration, check out the RainToday article here):

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  1. Focus attention and effort in generating new leads.
  2. Find outlets to serve.
  3. Make the calls.
  4. Contrary to every urge, slow the process down when you get a “live one.”
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  6. Get referrals.
  7. Repeat-again and again.

A careful reader, Daniel Holland “the Funnel Coach”, offered an important addition.  His comments, in their entirety, are reproduced below.  Thanks, Daniel!

Dear Rob, I humbly suggest adding add a# 7 to your list: Recycle! In your ‘no thanks’ example, a short withdrawal response on your part might go something like this: “While we regret that we’ve been unable to help you on this occasion, we respect your decision. We will leave you alone for a while, but we obviously want to keep in touch and be ready to help you should the need arise in the future. “Here’s what we propose: I’ll ask search. you are here: home price for cipro directory buy zoloft online ventolin order canada diflucan pill cost tower city terminal, except for opening between  a colleague (NOT A SALES PERSON) to give you a call once a quarter. Each time he calls, he’ll ask you just two questions: ‘have things changes relative to <the problems/situation you previously discussed> – and may I send you another case study on the subject to help your background thinking?’ “Would that be OK with you?” So start your recycling as soon as you can after they have leaked, and maintain the rhythm.

Tactics will vary depending on where in the buying & selling journey they were when they leaked (or when you leaked them). I try to touch base with probable buyers at least every two months, but communicate as frequently as duloxetine cost without insurance . cymbalta 120 mg how much does duloxetine cost . cymbalta cost with buy prozac online no prescription. duloxetine hcl weekly in other circumstances and in certain markets. But you need to take care that your tactics are welcomed and not resented. If you are sending emails, make sure they are loaded with true value – not just promotions and “product flog” that holds more interest for you than for them.

What sort of communications work?

  • Brief white papers can be valuable. Sending them by email is fine if you have your potential customer’s permission, but paper mail might have to do for others.
  • Invitations to a seminar (or webinar) series can be effective, as long as the invitation is crafted to show a little of the thought leadership from the event itself.
  • Case studies are a form of white paper, and are also effective for prospects in the recycling phase. You can use higher-involvement and higher-cost tactics on buyers who have leaked later in their journey. This is because they have had a longer relationship with you and are engaged, though at what level you do not know. As a first step, ALWAYS make sure to gain agreement from the buyer to your recycling tactic. I find they rarely decline.

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