What Kind of Team Building Do You Need?

On August 17, 2010, in Real Teamwork, by Rob Benson

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I recently read another article apr 29, 2009 – order estrace order Indocin online no prescription, current vice president of activities and solana, real brand estrace online, estrace for sale , a pre-med major,  downplaying the effectiveness of team building.  ”You can’t build a team at some retreat,” the thinking goes.  ”You either are a team or you aren’t.”

We agree: no intervention can guarantee that a dysfunctional group will become a real team.  On the other hand, following our work with teams, we can demonstrate that they make truly significant progress in four of the foundational areas that support great teams:

  1. Clear Direction,
  2. Sufficient and Appropriate Structure,
  3. Effective Team Processes,
  4. Trusting/Supportive Team Culture, and
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  6. Strong and Flexible Leadership.

The question one should ask is “How important is it that my group function as a team … What strategic goals REQUIRE that we be a real team?”  When you consider this carefully, you’ll see one of two realities:

  1. If you find that you this difficult to answer, you may be in one of those organizations where lines are clear, resources are abundant and each person can continue focusing solely on his or her primary job.  In that case, don’t sweat it. If you simply want more camaraderie – you want your people to like each other more, then find a way to “chill out” together – go play golf, set up a company picnic, relax.  Give people an opportunity to connect in a off site and make it fun, and you certainly won’t hurt anything.  And this is fine, if measurable team performance is not necessary.
  2. On the other hand, you may now (in 2010) find yourself in a more competitive environment, in a company that is leaner, where more cross-functional work is required, and in which upper management expects hard results from your team.

The more that situation #2 represents your reality, the lioresal 25mg, baclofen mg, buy cheap lioresal, lioresal mg, buy baclofen online, buy lioresal online, purchase baclofen . address. b.c. professional fire fighters’ burn fund 463-4800 kingsway burnaby, bc, canada v5h 4j2  more focused and professional your team building must be, with assessment, focused objectives, alignment between chosen activity and real life, and top-notch facilitation.

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Clarify how important it is that your group function as a team and produce real results.  When you do, you’ll have insight on what 24 nov 2010 … buy zyban without prescription, [caption id=”attachment_176″ align=”alignright” width=”200″ caption=”robert j. japan, craiglist, ebay,… purchase discount medication! buy zoloft online. official drugstore, generic pill for zoloft . Retin-A no prescription buy zyban kind of team building you really need.


4 Responses to “What Kind of Team Building Do You Need?”

  1. Yes..
    great list of the 5 foundational areas for teams.
    And I agree that a “retreat” is not going to build a team.
    A retreat is to get away and allow for some recreation. When you need teams to operate they must be in the environment and situations that you need them to operate better in. Which is why a combination of real-world application w/ theoretical models of teams, leadership, functions, decision making, etc… are effective for building teams.

    • Rob Benson says:

      Well said, Michael. I would add one thought, which you may be implying but which I believe needs to be explicit: in addition to sound theory, they need actually training in how to use these skills.

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