Performance Coaching Tip #6: Just Do It

On August 23, 2010, in Performance Coaching, by Rob Benson

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“Oops, I did a step out of order.  We didn’t learn it that way …” Lest you get overly concerned with precision in the process, let’s step back for a moment.

The Performance Coaching process itself isn’t magic.  The tool simply provides a structure for you 2 days ago – which uk site to buy baclofen , generic baclofen in — best deal and ultimate quality warranted: health and personal care products – buy cheap  to express

  • your caring for the employee and his work;
  • your recognition for his good work;
  • your respect for his ability to pick up his game; and
  • purchasing Plavix online

  • your belief that he wants to do a good job.

It “works” because you are actually expressing faith in him.  And your people have a way of living up nov 17, 2013 – amoxil 250 mg blue white amoxil 250 mg free trial info. buy amoxil 250 mg blue white amoxil 250 mg free trial best, amoxil 250 mg blue  to your expectations.  If you think someone is a lousy SOB and a slug, the sweetest words won’t induce the slightest positive change, only cynicism.  If you really do respect your employee and approach him with the best intent, that too will be communicated.

We encourage you to consciously use the  Coaching processes we shared with you: the particular steps, the order of those steps, the logic and power of those steps have been validated in real use over time.  In short, they feb 3, 2014 – symptoms of baclofen withdrawal , what is baclofen used for , where can i buy baclofen , buy baclofen online no prescription with your access  work to move employees to assume personal accountability for their behavioral choices.

And don’t sweat doing it “perfectly,” just do your best.  You’ll get more confident and proficient over time.  And diflucan fluconazole order diflucan you’ll have been positively exerting your leadership and influencing the employee all along, even when you weren’t “perfect.”

The ONLY absolute wrong way to have a performance conversation … is not to have it. You’ll be more effective if you follow the process and tips we’ve provided in the workshop and reinforced in these newsletters.  buy Sildenafil Citrate But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Step out, do your best, and you’ll be moving in the right direction.  And your employee will be better for it.

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