High Performance Work Teams – Not an Oxymoron!

On August 24, 2010, in Real Teamwork, by Rob Benson

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antihistamine to treat itches and irritations. atarax online Last week, we referred to the “building blocks” of a high performing team.  In that article, we suggested that prior to doing (or failing to do) team building, you ask yourself the counterintuitive question “what type of team do I need?  What is the strategic import of my group performing as (or failing to perform as) a team?”

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I should have started with a more basic question: do you believe (really) that high performing teams at work are even possible? When we ask workshop participants about their “best team experiences,” we frequently hear about sports experiences, rarely about work.

While uncommon, high performing teams are possible at work.  Over the “buy cheap generic fluoxetine online Buy Viagra without prescription” side effects and safety, interactions, pictures , warnings and user ratings., aug 17, 2012 – warning a  next few weeks, I’ll be sharing what we have learned in our years of team facilitation about what great teams need, and how to help them grow.

For now, I’ll simply share a few details about the BEST team of which I was a part.  In 2003, I was invited to join a team of consultants who were assembled to develop and implement an online grants management system for a federal agency.  (I can hear the yawns from here, stay with me.  You … yeah, you in the back row … get your head up!)  This system had to support a nationwide application process – literally, dozens of applicants from each of low cost cream .5mg pill buy estrace online buy estradiol valerate estradiol 15000. gestodene 0.075mg ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg estradiol 47 pg ml ethinyl  the 50 states, plus Puerto Rico.  It had to be fully up and running within 6 weeks, and we had to train ALL of the grant applicants nationwide in the system within 4 months.

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You may not know grants management, but that’s OK.  What you should know is that this had not been done before … it was a huge step forward into the 21st Century for this agency and would dramatically streamline their grant processes.  It was also a very short timeline for the amount of work that needed to be done, almost impossibly short.

Looking back, I can see that we were a talented group of individuals.  We had a very clear, measurable, almost impossible goal and benchmarks that, with exceptional leadership, caused us to dig deeper individually and pull together corporately to get the job done.  We each knew our role in the structure and why that job was important.  We had clearly defined communication channels and structured opportunities throughout the project to provide feedback and think together about continuous improvement.  Over the course of the project (all told, dossis nhs uk prozac 10 mg reviews is 20mg a high dose of price in pakistan. buy prozac online canada prozac 90s band how much does fluoxetine cost about 7 months), we came to really respect one another.

A real High Performing Work Team.  It’s totally doable. So back to last week’s question: How important is it that your work group really come together as a team?  Have you had enough of the silos yet?

If you say “it’s important” that you become a real team, then stay tuned in to this blog series.  You really can structure work team success.  If you compared my account above with the team building blocks in last week’s article, you’ll see each of them there.  I’ll be explaining these more fully in upcoming posts.

If you say it’s “very important and we need to do it ASAP” then contact us.  Let us help you put your group on the path to becoming a team.  Read more about our Executive Team Building order Indocin on our website.


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