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  1. Your ability to do your best quality work (in whatever endeavor) is directly related to the quality of the information that you have to work with?
  2. In cases where you need more information, the quality of the information you get is directly related to the types of questions that you ask?

I’m hoping that you’re answering with a resounding “yes, of course. So what’s your point?” (If you’re not, re-read the two previous questions, try to find one instance in which both DON’T hold true, and if you do find one, post a comment – I’ll eat my hat.)

My point is this: we know that successful troubleshooting (finding root cause; taking appropriate action to minimize the effects while we search for root cause; avoiding costly, incorrect actions which don’t really address the problem; etc.) requires both

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  1. good data, and
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  3. sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to correctly interpret the data and choose a course of action.

Given, not everyone in your organization has the knowledge and experience needed to properly analyze the data, but the fact is that your engineers most likely won’t be operating the unit or process when a deviation appears; they won’t be clear on exactly what’s not working that should; they won’t have seen what happened just prior to the deviation’s occurrence; they won’t be aware of the first stage in the life cycle in which the deviation occurs. Someone will have to collect this data for them and be able to communicate it clearly prednisone cost without insurance cvs buy prednisone australia cheap Deltasone , in a manner which can be understood.

Your process engineers need to know what questions to ask to get the needed information; your operators need to know what data to collect. purchase discount medication! cheap dapoxetine uk . official drugstore, cheap cheapest prices pharmacy. order dapoxetine online . official drugstore, buy dapoxetine. dapoxetine online order Cialis . Furthermore, you don’t want your operators taking costly, time consuming incorrect actions which, if they knew trouble shooting fundamentals, would be ruled out by a basic analysis of the data that is readily available.

If your organization has identified the development of problem solving skills as key for reducing downtime, scrap and overall costs, then you must invest in everyone who is connected to your key processes, not just your managers and engineers. Your operators and maintenance personnel may ultimately need help to resolve the issue, but they must be prepared to collect and communicate data as well as avoid taking actions which cost you time and money.

Learn more about FSTD’s proprietary trouble shooting training here.  Contact us to discuss trouble shooting training for your plant.


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