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I’ve been asked (and I’ve consented) to deliver the keynote at a conference of community-based groups, all of which are focused on reducing drug dependancy in their communities. A great opportunity to assist and encourage those who are doing important buy generic prednisone prednisone cost cvs order prednisone work.

My contact wants for the participants to leave the conference with a new idea or tool to use in their work, and she wants them to leave with more enthusiasm and motivation. You see, they are tired, and the odds are stacked against them …

Drug use in their state is epidemic. Educational attainment is lower than most states in the Union. Out of approximately 75 coalitions, 60 of these community-based coalitions are funded to the tune of a whopping $1,500 many elect to simply take a multivitamin every single day buy dapoxetine online paypal – free airmail or courier shipping. then, there are some that purchase  per year. 15 of the coalitions receive actual funding for operations, to the tune of approximately $150,000 per year.

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I could continue with lots of other statistics, but the few above lay bare the issues: they have a huge task, and they are “under-resourced.”  And I’m supposed to give them a happy pill.  When the odds aren’t in your favor, how do you keep your team’s motivation up?

That’s the first key, you see.  Realize that the “happy pill” doesn’t exist.  You cannot motivate someone else.  This is going to be a “motivational” speech precisely because I won’t try to pump them up.  I will simply help them remember their own motivation. Those who entered the field to “do good” still have that spark within them.

The second key atarax 10mg, atarax online Dapoxetine in pharmacies , atarax price, atarax 10mg tablets, hydroxyzine 25, buy hydroxyzine online, buy cheap hydroxyzine. is “Don’t blow smoke.”  These people are adults who live with the challenges of their work every day.  I intend to show that I empathize with what they face, and that’s probably a good idea for you as you face your team.

The third key is “help them see their path.”  This frequently involves prednisone 20mg buy online – buy prednisone 5mg cost of prednisone social cervix price., prednisone liquid cost buy prednisone australia prednisone 20 mg  a return to, and a recommitment to, the fundamentals.  Start with vision, get the right people on board in the right seats, develop a plan, implement a pilot, learn from your experience, publish your results, leverage your resources to get more resources.  They may struggle with any of these steps, but that’s OK.  These are still the correct steps to take, and most issues will give way to good problem solving and team commitment.

The fourth key is faith or belief: the confidence that I buy generic baclofen Lasix no prescription online! without prescription needed. fast & free worldwide shipping. brand & generic meds! safe & secure ordering of baclofen have in their potential should they choose to come together.  Ordinary people have done extraordinary things, and these people need that reminder.  When I can see it and believe it, then I exude a confidence that is catching.  If your team faces an uphill climb, they need to see that same confidence in you.

Remove the mystery, ground them in the fundamentals, fill them with confidence.  It’s our credo here at FSTD, the approach that we bring to all of our human development work.  It’s a simple three steps that will bring your team success too.

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