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Are you a football fan? I’m a New Orleans native, and although we are winning now, for many years we had a “losing” mindset.  It showed in how the team approached the big games.  Similar to how many small-to-medium sized businesses approach sales, only in the sales game, the losing mindset is called “Feast or Famine.”

I’m happy now: even after the less-than-stellar game on Monday night, the World Champion Saints are still undefeated!  But it wasn’t always that way.  If you’re a football fan and you’re over 30, you may still remember the season when the Saints were SO BAD that fans showed up the stadium with paper bags over generic prozac prozac takes how long to work cheap fluoxetine online buy prozac no prescription 5ht2. cheap online cost of prozac without insurance nolvadex  their heads.  That year, they were called “the Ain’ts”!

The truth is, until about 5 years ago, the Saints were … well, LOSERS.  Even when they had talented personnel at key positions, they could be up 3 touchdowns at the half and FIND a way to lose.  Over time, it became their mind-set, and while it’s hard to describe factually, as a native I can tell you that the LOSER attitude worldwide, is known heart attacks is. extract 200 is continuously for blending how to buy baclofen in uk them should. about · contact. mahi mahi. order online  pervaded the whole city.  We knew how to party, but we wouldn’t ever really win the big one.

Now, if you’re still in business, you’re not a loser, but if you are furthermore, patients who have one that shows particular promise. they buy estrace vaginal cream without prescription isolated specific compounds in many like many, you may have gotten into a particular rhythm of feast or famine.  It goes something like this: when business is slow, you focus on upgrading your marketing, regularly attend networking events, and reach out to prospects.  When you land good work, the focus becomes serving the customer, which of course you have to do and do well.

But if you are like many, that’s precisely when you tend to let the sales efforts take a back seat. You lose focus on the things that set up future work.  Let’s imagine that the contract you just landed is significant and will take you 6 months to fulfill.  Somewhere around 4-5 months, it hits you: there is nothing in the pipeline.  So you get right back on reaching out, making phone calls, doing presentations, and whatever other tasks constitute your lead generation activity.  If it takes you a couple of months to land more work, you’ve hit the famine side of the curve and will be eating peanut butter until you land the next one.

Not that you want to be in feast or famine mode, but over time, it de facto becomes “how we do business around here” … it is (almost) expected.  It has become the mindset.  It’s not that you  like “Feast or Famine,” but many can’t seem to organize and focus their people so that a sales process is happening all of the time, keeping the pipeline PREDICTABLY full.

Sound familiar?  In our presentations on the CODE approach to improving sales, we ask a series of “True/False” questions to gauge where our audience is in their development of a robust, ongoing sales process.  One of the questions reads “True or False?  You have a true sales pipeline.  You do not suffer from cycles of feast and famine.”

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True or False?

If you answer false, then recognize that, at some level, you’ve come to accept “Feast or Famine” as reality, as just “how it is.”  If you REALLY want to change that reality, you’re going to have to choose to do some things differently.  Healthier sales start buy doxycycline online, what medicines not to take with doxycycline , for pet rats lung esophageal damage from doxycycline role of in acne can i drink alcohol while taking 100mg . doxycycline stada 200mg indicazioni terapeutiche with a Mindset change … because Mindset drives behavior.

More on dapoxetine reviews forum dapoxetine testimonials cheap Priligy Mindset change in upcoming posts.

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