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The Performance Coaching Process cheap Viagra online

The Performance Coaching Process

I had the opportunity to speak today to a local Kiwanis club.  What topic did I choose?  Performance Coaching, of course.  One of the simplest and most powerful communication tools to influence a team member or direct report to take accountability for their actions and their results.  The end result?  Changed behavior.

Most of the time.

I would love to say that it was a “foolproof technique”, but that would get it wrong on at atarax acts as an antihistamine also reducing natural histamine… atarax reviews least two counts:

  1. It’s not foolproof. You can hold up the behavioral mirror, ask for a change of behavior, get what sounds like commitment only to discover later today, tomorrow or next week that the lagging performance is still there, and
  2. It’s not really a “technique”, at least not with the connotations I associate with that word.  When I hear of a communication “technique,” I associate that with manipulation, that somehow I’m subtly coercing the other person to do something not in their best interest and without their real understanding and buy in.  The Performance Coaching process is powerful because it simply gives a structure to genuine dialog and invites initiative rather than forcing compliance.

And sometimes, it doesn’t seem to work.  For example, let’s say that Bob, one of Susan’s direct reports, is less productive than others on the team.  Susan needs his reports every Thursday by noon so that she can incorporate his work and turn in her numbers to her boss by 5:00.  Susan used the Performance Coaching format last week, and it went something like sep 8, 2012 – baclofen pump price , baclofen sale. baclofen best price for ipod touch uncontrollable mirth, joy unlocked buy baclofen south africa trunk  this:

Susan: Bob, I really appreciate the quality of your reports.  I never have to double check the figures with you, they are always correct.  Thanks for that.

Bob: You’re welcome, Susan.  What’s up?

Susan: I do have a concern about the timeliness of your reports.  What’s your understanding of when those reports are due to me?

Bob: I know, Susan.  I’m supposed to have those to you by noon on Thursday.  I’m sorry that I’ve been late but you know what a dinosaur of a computer I have to work on.  That PC crunches numbers slower than glacial ice moves.

Susan: I can appreciate that, Bob.  I’m still under the gun to have my numbers to Frank by 5:00, so I need your reports no later than noon.  What will you do to make sure that I get those reports at the agreed-upon time?

Bob: I’m sorry, Susan.  You can count on me.  I’ll make it a priority to get those reports to you on time.

Susan: Thanks Bob, I really appreciate it.

The careful reader will notice a few particulars.  Yes, Susan followed the 5 step Performance Coaching process pretty well.  Unfortunately, she didn’t “dig in” very well at step 2, so she doesn’t have a specific understanding of why Bob’s reports are late.  He says that he has a slow computer, but it doesn’t seem to affect the timeliness of his other work, at least as far as she can tell.  Also, although he says it will be “a priority,” he didn’t say what specifically he buy baclofen online | buy online without prescription . low prices, fast delivery and secure online processing. would do differently to get the reports in by noon.

So, no surprise that for the next two weeks, the reports are in before deliberately put yourself where younger people are can you buy celexa 10 mg in amsterdam cheap prednisone 20 from canada prednisone 20 mail order noon.  Then the third week, it’s 12:30, and back to 1:00 by week 4.

Now, what does Susan do? order Premarin online Her response here will effect when she receives her Thursday reports … and how she is perceived by Bob (if she can’t hold him accountable for this, it’s going to be tough sledding on other issues) … and how her authority is perceived by the rest of the team. Susan’s response matters.

Susan confronts Bob and uses purchasing information and prices in bitcoin for generic prozac ( fluoxetine hydrochloride ) 20mg at the coinrx.com online pharmacy. purchase fucidin the Performance Coaching process one more time, with just two changes: she starts off with what she has observed (rather than Praising Performance), and then she goes to silence (rather than Asking Questions).  She then concludes steps three – five as usual. As Bob approaches on Thursday of week 4 at 1:00, it might sound something like this:

Susan: Your report is an hour late.

Bob: (embarrassed) Well, uh …

Susan: [Silence.  Nothing but unwavering attention.]

Bob: Uh …, I’m sorry Susan, I just lost track of time.  It won’t happen again.

Susan: Your reports are due on my desk at noon on Thursdays.  What will you do differently to make sure that this happens every Thursday, without fail?

Bob: Uh, I don’t know.  I suppose that I could get started earlier, you know, maybe start on the report on Wednesday afternoon instead of waiting until Thursday morning …

Susan: What time would you start on Wednesday afternoon to ensure that you reports were complete before noon on Thursday?

Bob: Let’s see, if I get started right after production meeting on Wednesday, would that work?

Susan: I don’t know Bob, I need to hear from you what you know will work.

Bob: Yea, I think that would work.  I’ll get started after Wednesday’s meeting.

Susan: What time is that, Bob?

Bob: We’re done by 2:30, 3:00 at the latest.

Susan: So you’re telling me that you will start on your reports by 3:00 on Wednesday, and that this will ensure that you have the completed reports on my desk before noon on Thursday, is that right?

Bob: Yes, that should work.

Susan: So will you commit to start your reports by 3:00 on Wednesday and have them on my desk before noon on Thursday?

Bob: Yes.

Good for Susan! We won’t know until next week if Bob will truly follow through, but she has done her part.  She respectfully “held his feet to the fire,” holding her ground regarding the standard, then pressing for a) specifics about what he would change, then b) commitment that he would, in fact, follow through.  All other things being equal, the issue of the “late reports” should be finished.

Two Notes:

  1. We assume that people – even the “Bobs” in your life – want to do good work, day in and day out.  We don’t know if there is some imbalance or missing resource in his Performance System.  A conscientious manager will deliberately turn her attention to the Performance System for further investigation.  (I’ve written one post on the significance of the Performance System.  I will write further on this topic at a later date.)
  2. Performance Coaching is the first “Accountability” tool in our leadership toolkit.  If Bob proves that he really isn’t interested in performing to standard (he’s recalcitrant, in our lingo), then we move to a process called “Performance Accountability”.  Built on the same principles of respect and dialogue, on the use of good questions, and the goal of employee accountability, “Performance Accountability” incorporates more data and is more tightly controlled.  We will begin a series on Performance Accountability within the next few weeks.

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