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Two employees are responsible for designing and rolling out a new initiative.  One is a hard charger, ready to plunge ahead, develop this new training and take the bull by the rx fluoxetine hcl order fluoxetine online no prescription order fluoxetine online uk northstar rx llc fluoxetine fluoxetine 20 mg street price fluoxetine price us horns.  His attitude is “we can do it, let’s get it done.”

Another employee wants to thorougly think through the training before diving in.  He is concerned about the integrity and completeness of the assessment data on which the training will be based.  Focused on the quality of program, he thinks that we are moving too fast.  His attitude is “let’s make sure that we get it done right.”

I’m in the middle, and I need to make a decision about our approach and timetable with the client, valuing both perspectives and the energy each is bringing to the project.   Although I might, in another setting, summarily make the call about our approach, I want to maintain their buy-in.  I see two issues: maintaining the integrity of a high performing team, and choosing the best way forward order Fluoxetine .

Sound familiar? Left unaddressed, a different approach between two good people who have different ideas about how to get the job done can turn into conflict.  Sometimes, just “talking it through” causes people to argue and cling to their positions more tightly.  Employee #2 thinks employee #1 is “cocky” and acts like a “bull in a china shop.”  Employee #1 sees employee #2 as “nit-picky” and “timid.”

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To really move forward, these two people need an agreed-upon path – a systematic process – by which to make the best choice, and price of amoxil buy amoxil online generic amoxil 500 mg they need to appreciate the other person’s perspective.  They needs two tools: DiSC and Choice Analysis.

The DiSC assessment helps people understand and appreciate the different natural approaches to work that each of us brings to the table.  It is ENTIRELY true that each person is unique, and it is ALSO true that my patterns of behavior are similar to dec 26, 2014 – buy cheap generic baclofen online without prescription strength: baclofen time to buy online, extra low prices !., generic form of baclofen some, and radically different those of other people.  If I understand my natural approach to work, and I understand how my peer approaches his or her work, then I can make conscious choices about how I will modify my behavior.  I can consider the relevance of the other person’s approach and consciously choose which of his behaviors I will tolerate, even if I don’t prefer them.  I can consciously choose to approach that other person, compare our natural patterns and engage him or her in conversation about those aspects of our patterns which don’t “mesh.”  But without an understanding of our different work styles, we are left without the ability to make those choices.  We can only react, push what we believe to be right, and grow increasingly frustrated with the other person’s perceived intransigence.

Once we understand and can appreciate the other person’s approach, we may still be in a situation where the best solution to the original work issue – in my team’s case, how we go about developing and rolling out a new workshop – is not readily apparent and where it REALLY matters that we make the best choice.  When the question “which path should we take” yields multiple answers, we need further analysis and discussion.  A look at the “pros” and “cons” of each option rarely sheds more light; it simply tends to confirm our previous prejudices.  If we wanted Option A volunteer buy prednisone spain how to by tamoxifen online wood lane is how to by tamoxifen online a county agency that provides direct or  before we look at the pros and cons, we will typically find that our pros and cons confirm that prejudgment.

More robust analysis is needed.  Our process Choice Analysis pushes the team to uncover and flesh cheap Fluconazole out

  1. what we really hope to achieve by the choice, first by clarifying the choice to be made, then by listing and quantifying the criteria by which we will judge the Best solution;
  2. which options are truly CAPABLE of getting us what we hope to achieve;
  3. how well each option will give us what we want; and
  4. the risks inherent with each option and how these might be mitigated.

Armed with the information that a Choice Analysis provides, we are prepared to make the BEST choice, one which meets all of our minimum requirements and gives us the greatest ROI with risks we understand and are willing clomid 7dpo clomid reviews to accept.  And, in terms of conflict, a solution that the team CAN and WILL TRULY execute and support.

DiSC and Choice Analysis: two superior tools to turn potential team conflict into productive discussion and collaboration.  We provide the DiSC assessment through our sister website DiSC Depot, and we facilitate Working with Style workshops and Choice Analysis workshops for our clients.  Both workshops are also available in a Train-the-Trainer format.

Dealing with team conflict?  Let’s talk.


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