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Yes in one sense: if the endpoint of the process is supposed to be the “perfect” team or the “perfect” leader, then teambuilding and leadership development never really end.  However, it sounds like your client may just want to be able to show real ROI from your intervention.  It is realistic for the client to expect, and for you to help them structure real resolution to particular Baclofen online team issues and permanent hardwiring to particular leadership competencies.

To take an analogy from home, I can be at odds with my spouse because I leave my dirty socks on the floor, but after we have come together, openly shared and established new understandings, she has every right to expect to see my socks only in the laundry basket.  I may annoy her in some other way in the future, necessitating a return to the negotiating table, but we will have cleared permanently that first hurdle in our team building.

The same might be said regarding leadership development and any given leadership behavior.  Once the expected leadership behaviors are defined, priligy overnight shipping – dapoxetine purchase – buy dapoxetine this sounds better for the product. these creams on xtend life company, which blocks them  and any skill deficiencies addressed, then senior management modifies the performance system so that it supports the desired behavior.

In your case, I would recommend that you begin the process of educating your client: while you cannot solve all of the team’s problems, you can help them solve particular issues.  Help your client turn their vague “I want my people to be a team” idea into a measurable objective such as “after this training, a team member will assist any other team member upon formal request.”  Focus the team’s learning activities on surfacing, discussing and getting verbal agreement around this particular objective.  Then structure in additional consulting or coaching after the team building event to help them modify their performance systems and hardwire the new agreements.

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  1. we as consultants have failed to clarify specific objectives with the client prior to the team building intervention, and
  2. we have neglected to measure the team’s growth against those objectives and establish the ROI.
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