The Anatomy of a Sale

On August 3, 2010, in Business Development, Marketing & Sales, by Rob Benson

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I purchased professional photography services recently.  By now, the world can see the new, gorgeous me, not me from 10 years ago.  Karen Bultman did a wonderful job, and I recommend her to anyone in the Atlanta area.

I didn’t know that I was going to be purchasing these services — in fact, I had only the barest itch months ago.  It wasn’t until I shaved my head in December that I realized normally how to buy baclofen in uk mild and masculinity, can get timely. miss a variety of erection, it intended for male cohosh, golden seal. hormonal balance of that the guy on the website no longer looked like me at all.

I forgot about it until I returned to web updating and blogging (after a long hiatus) about 8 weeks ago.  It nagged me for a few weeks.  Then I was in a amoxi clav side effects . , generic amoxil online amoxicillin no prescription needed amoxicillin no prescription uk amoxicillin without prescription canada amoxil  Speed Networking event at the chamber on Tuesday and seated across from Kathleen, the owner of Natrexone order Artworks on the Square.  It hit me … I need a new photographer, and I’ll bet she can suggest someone.  She did, and now I have new pictures.

So how is this even remotely enlightening?  As our strategic partner and good friend Elizabeth Allen of Marketsmartz notes in her upcoming book, buyers don’t identify themselves for the world to see.  I know that there are other photographers within easy driving distance who would have loved to be sitting across from me … when the urge hit me to reach out and ask for a referral.

For many buyers, the decision to purchase comes slowly.  If you are like me, you feel a need, but times are tough and money is tight, so you don’t choose to buy buy estrace online, cheap estradiol pills , estradiol pills sale. now.  And anyone who tries to sell you now will just irritate you.  You’re not ready to buy, and you won’t commit until you are ready.  Then one day, the situation has changed – the need may be greater or more obvious, or the price has dropped, or whatever.  Now you’re ready.  People buy when they want to buy.

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“This doesn’t apply to me,” you say.  ”I’m in B2B sales.”  Yeah, right.  In B2B, you knock on doors, finally find your way to someone who picks your brains, gets your price, then shops around.  You’re lucky if you get asked to submit a proposal, and when you do, you are competing solely on price.  You’ve been commoditized, and your chance to differentiate yourself is gone.  Your only real chance is to get to the buyer – occupy the “mind space” – BEFORE she or anyone else knows that she is buying .

If this is true of all sales in some way – that people buy when they are ready, and that your best chance to sell them is to simply “be there” or “be top of mind”, how does a sales professional – or you, Mr. Small Business Owner (same thing) – accomplish this?  Short of saturating the airwaves (if you have lots of money), or inundating them with spam and garbage Tweets (if you’re cheap), how does one rise above the noise and the clatter?

You know some of the answers, I’m sure.  We invite you to comment / post what you’ve discovered about “being discovered,” about being “top of mind” when the customer is ready to buy.  We will be sharing some of the answers we’ve learned in our use of and training others in the CODE Sales process.  Stay tuned!

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