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If you’re working in a larger organization, chances are that, due to cutbacks, there are fewer people sharing the load with you.  If, on the other hand, you are the President, CEO, VP of Operations, Cook and Chief Bottle Washer (i.e., a solo-preneur), you already know that it’s nearly impossible to get buy cheap generic estrace online without prescription tags: estrace generic pill buy estrace using mastercard no prescription buy estrace capsules . everything done.

Yeah, and everything still has to get done. dapoxetine research chemical dapoxetine 90 dapoxetine without prescription Operations or Customer Service can’t suffer while you devote a few weeks to rolling out the new marketing strategy.  Sales calls can’t be put aside because you are too busy serving your customers or, eventually, you’ll choke your sales pipeline and be struggling for work.  Again.

We operate a small business.  We are successful because we are learning (not perfect yet) excellent time management buy Promethasin .  In brief, here’s how:

  1. Every week, I need to understand what my key roles are for that week cialis for sale – buy cialis order Cytotec online from an official certified pharmacy, overnight shipping. fast worldwide delivery, cheap prices, secure and anonimous. .  In a given week, there is something significant I may need to accomplish in my roles of “Sales Rep” or “Marketing Manager” or “Training Designer” or “Facilitator.”  Next week, for example, I have two different train-the-trainer events that I’m delivering, so this week, I will definitely include “Training Designer” in my active role list.  If you have a life outside of work, don’t forget the roles of “father,” “husband,”  or “friend”  - these need regular tending too and can be pushed aside too easily.  We’ve made it easier to cover all of the bases between George and I because we’ve developed a RACI which outlines our respective responsibilities.  Read this post for further discussion of RACI and a free copy of the tool.
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  3. Identify your weekly goal(s) by role and have a set amount of time – not necessarily a lot of time, but a set amount of time –  that is going towards accomplishing those goals.  Block out those times on your schedule.

    Block out time for each role

    Blocking Time for Major Work in Each Role

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  5. Daily, review your blocked time, and compare it to the “priorities” that pop up.  Prioritize in the morning, reprioritize (briefly) at lunch, review (again, briefly) at COB to prep for the next day.  We use a process called mar 10, 2014 – the best site for buying fluoxetine online! buy fluoxetine http://toppharm. quicksearchs.com/?q=fluoxetine click here! top offers  Status Assessment to review and set priorities when the issues are complex.  Also useful if you need to coordinate and prioritize efforts with other team members.
  6. At the close of the week, turn back to your priorities and ask yourself “How well did I accomplish that which needed to be accomplished?”

Finally, I am much more productive when I am personally accountable to someone else.  My partner George and I speak daily, review goals, and then review completion.  When we were learning our new approach to sales – CODE – we met with our coach Elizabeth Allen weekly by phone, and knowing that she would be expecting progress on tasks and real results kept me honest and focused.


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