Watch Your Mouth

On October 11, 2010, in Personal Leadership, by Rob Benson

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When I was young and would say something crass or foolish, any old-timer within earshot would tell me to “watch my mouth.”  Although I didn’t feb 19, 2012 – tags: buy baclofen , baclofen online, cheap baclofen . copyright 2012 generic baclofen . all rights reserved. baclofen where to buy consciously think this through, it taught me to respect the power of language, that the actual words I spoke mattered.

While driving home after a training today, I turned on the radio to hear the proverbial “greedy lawyer” used as a foil to sell some program called “#1 Debt Secrets.” The line in which it was used: “Don’t Let Those Greedy Lawyers Get Your Money.”  A little later, some other “expert” selling his wares was denouncing the “greedy bankers” who are foreclosing on you.  Another commercial spoke of the how to buy Plan B “evil credit card companies”, a fourth mentioned “ruthless IRS agents.”

I wanted to puke.

I’m sure that these commercials play over and over again because, well … they move product.  Companies use language like this to create a state of need:  people are induced to feel victimized by others who are more well off, see some kind of salvation in the product being hawked, and then make emotional buying decisions (which they will regret later).

I’m not here primarily to rail against the immoral tactics used to sell these “debt solutions”.  buy dapoxetine tablets. discrete overnight dapoxetine shipping. where to purchase dapoxetine! generic dapoxetine in india . eurodrugstore medicine price And I don’t particularly care if one wishes to gamble the hard-earned money in their pocket on these dubious products.  Go ahead, take a shot, you’ll learn something in any event, if you’re open to the lesson.

No, what has me angry is how false all of this information is and the abuse buy cheap generic baclofen online without prescription polpharma buy baclofen online australia information specific to: baclofen 10mg tablets when used in  of language that it represents.

Take that “greedy lawyer”.  He or she provides a specialized service that he or she attended many years of school to propecia shedding phase propecia reviews acquire.  Just like you, they don’t give away their services for free.   You may not be able to afford the service, but don’t blame the lawyers.

The stereotype of the “greedy banker” flies in the face of real bankers I know.  Good, honest people providing a service that we want to maintain our lifestyles.  So your residence is being foreclosed … wait, let me Paxil online see … they lent you money at your request.  They invested based on your promise to pay them back according to specific terms.  You couldn’t, for whatever reason, live up to your end of the deal and pay your note.   While it’s truly regrettable that you have to relocate, the bank is simply retaining what is left of their investment, not being greedy.

False information like the “greedy banker” has become part of the national discourse.  Such schticks may get more play now because many folk are under greater financial stress.  But in the process, we have become course and weaker as a society. Buying into and using language like this saps our ability to think about, speak about, understand and do something creative and intelligent about the challenges that are part of life.    Rather than believing the greedy lawyer stereotype, seek to become one: If you’re young enough and bright enough, invest the time, and then boldly charge fees commensurate with your background and experience.

Don’t lose your honor.  Don’t play into the game.  See the stereotypes.  Reject the class warfare.  SPEAK ACCURATELY AND TRUTHFULLY.  If you’ve hit on hard times, tighten the belt, humbly reach out to church and friends and family, work harder than you’ve ever worked, keep believing.  There is no shame in being “down on your luck,” but there is dapoxetine nigeria dapoxetine romania buy Priligy in blaming others for your current fortunes.

Let’s stop playing into the silliness and crassness that is part of the Brand Viagra without prescription vernacular.  Don’t be a victim.  And don’t pass it on.  As some old-timers still say, “watch your mouth.”


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