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I asked in a recent post: when it comes to marketing 4 days ago – fluoxetine is used for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), a severe buy no prescription fluoxetine online | buy cheapest  your product or service, how does one rise above the noise and the clatter?

You know some of the answers, I’m sure.  ONE ANSWER IS  (drum roll, please) … people still buy from those who they know and like. Yes, it still is about the relationship.

Real brand awareness, if you rely on traditional media, online pharmacy prednisone. prednisone canadian pharmacy. can you buy prednisone without prescription . buy Plan B purchase prednisone Where to buy Xenical without prescription is becoming more expensive and less productive all the time.  If you’re like most small businesses, you don’t have enough cash to play in that game anyway.

One of our competitors, in the purest sense, is Accenture.  How do they drive their name online buy estrace without prescription order estrace overnight. want estrace with discount? our pharmacies is the most trusted online drug suppliers. recognition and lead generation?  Until about 10 months ago, you could walk through any airport and see huge full-color displays with Tiger Woods making some impossible shot and the caption “Go on, be a tiger!” (which has a slightly different connotation now, but we’ll let that slide on by …)

Now, Tiger Woods isn’t cheap (OK, sorry, we’ll keep it above boards from here on out …), so we can’t compete head-to-head with Accenture to drive name recognition. You may not be able to  pony up the big bucks to go against your name brand competitors either, at least not to the degree you’d like.  So we have to leverage the Human Brand (the people who work with you every day who are the face of your company).  They need to recognize that they are, 100% of the time, extensions of and representatives of our company.  We need for them to use their networks, both face-to-face as well as virtual, to identify opportunities.  And we need a way to provide direction for the search as well as a way to document our progress.

It’s all a part of CODE, a simple, fully scalable process to get everyone appropriately engaged in the sales process.

Once you get the prospect’s attention, then you need to stand out.  We’ll viagra 4 sale next retail cost of celexa apartments are well several in reviews, buy viagra dapoxetine online occupational and new investors, online lecturers and  begin to explore that in an upcoming post.

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Want more information about how to dramatically increase your sales?  See earlier blog posts on CODE or contact us.


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