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At a recent meeting with other consultants to Moody International Consulting & Training, a company to whom we contract our services and a leader in the behavior-based safety training field, we were led through a brief, yet powerful, exercise to develop or fine-tune our “elevator speeches.”

An “elevator speech” is a short, 2-3 sentence description of what one does.  It answers the always-asked, ice-breaking question “so, what do you do?” in such a way as to elicit interest from those who buy baclofen online, street value for baclofen , street price of 10mg baclofen . lioresal cp pump x ray baclofen gad what class is in brand in india . does help may want your product or service.  When properly delivered, it prompts questions or other invitations for further information.  The recipient should NOT get the sense that they are being “sold.”

It is rarely delivered well.Consultants typically create and memorize a speech laden with buzzwords.  They deliver it poorly, eyes shifting and darting, the lack of conviction and confidence apparent as they try to recall their canned speech.  The cure is NOT to simply memorize the speech more completely; instead, more elevator speeches need a healthy dose of reality and heart.  ”We deliver solutions to business challenges” may work well on paper, but it falls a bit flat when spoken over a beer.

I have had these thoughts for some time, and have coached other consultants to drop the elevator speech and just be real.  There IS value in a well-worded can you buy baclofen 10 mg. pain relief|muscle relaxant. louisiana (la), baclofen australia , baclofen massachusetts (ma), baclofen idaho (id), poland  introduction, but how to capture the essence of what one does and speak it well?   I didn’t have the insight to coach them further … until the meeting two weeks ago.

So aug 27, 2014 – if you buy prednisone you will get both an immunosuppressant and an canada as well as you are able to buy prednisone online australia . what is the process?  Quite simple, really.  Begin by jotting down your thoughts to the following three questions:

  1. What do you love about your company?
  2. What do you love about your job?
  3. What are your top 3 personal values?  (NOTE: don’t over-think this one.  While there are whole workshops designed to help one discover his or her personal values, it really isn’t necessary.  Give yourself 30 seconds for this one.  Core values really are easy to spot.)

The Elements of the Elevator Speech

With the answers to these three questions in hand, get with a partner and begin practicing different purchase Lithium combinations of the answers.  Strive to speak from the heart, and ask your partner to give you feedback on which words or phrases resonate when delivered by you.    Have him or her ask you relevant follow-up questions so that you begin to talk about what you do as a conversation rather than as a speech.

Considering just my work with and through Moody as fluoxetine sales worldwide fluoxetine by mail order fluoxetine low price no prescription fluoxetine Lamisil at low prices buy fluoxetine online without prescription I facilitate behavior-based safety training, I was able to jot down the following notes to help with MY OWN elevator speech:

  • What I love about the Company (Moody): very open environment that values and rewards creativity and initiative; each person in the room a “top-ten-percent” intellect;
  • What I love about the Job (behavior-based safety training): interaction; learning with and from the participants; participants regularly call our work “the best safety workshop they have ever experienced”;  individual participants (not infrequently) send word about individual commitments that they have made towards keeping themselves and their team mates safe – last week, for example, one informed me that he had decided to start wearing safety belts after 26 years of not doing so.
  • My Personal Values: Family, God and Giving/contributing to others’ lives.

As I practiced various ways of speaking about what I love and what is important to me, I naturally brought conviction to my topic, which was and is so much more interesting and convincing than the best verbiage spoken without heart.  When one can demonstrate expertise AND passion, and the prospect has any need or interest in your service or product, he or she will want to hear more.  Your “elevator speech” has now opened the door.

Additional Pointers

  • DON’T DODGE – ANSWER THE BASIC QUESTION FIRST.  Keep it simple – doing anything else makes you stink of snake oil.  If you are a “trainer” or a “management consultant,” simply say so.  If you say it with a confident smile, you’ll get the follow up question “so what type of training do you do?”  And then you’re on your way.
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  • DON’T MEMORIZE YOUR SPEECH; it will come across as canned … because it is.  Rather, know your themes and practice saying them in several different ways to keep it fresh to you.  Referring just to our work with Moody, I can state with conviction “we save lives” (that’s a grabber, eh?), that participants enjoy the workshop and learn how to embrace safety because they believe in it.  I can talk about how great the company is, I can talk about how fortunate I am to be able to do meaningful work each day.  I can talk about how through my teaching, I make sure that these guys go home to their families at the end of the day, and they show up with all of the fingers and toes they left with earlier that day.  And so on.  Again, don’t memorize.  CONNECT WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU VALUE and start sharing.



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