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[John Loftus of Moody International Consulting & Training shared the following activity at a recent meeting.  If you are looking for an exercise which illustrates the power of team performance, give this one a try. -- Rob]

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Round 1

Draw the following chart on flip chart or white board on the left-hand side approximately 60 cm (2 feet, give or take) from the top:

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Explain to group you are going to give each individual 3 seconds to look in the box (stress it is your version of 3 sec.), and they have to remember as many of the items as they can. They must keep this information to themselves without conferring with anyone else.

Go around the room asking everyone how many items they can remember getting — a number of items only — without naming any of the items. This is done on the honor system. On the top of the chart, keep a record of all the numbers and then put on the chart the Maximum, Average and Minimum numbers shared.

Debrief round 1. Talk about how this team of individuals performed; was there any use of the different strengths or talents of those in the team? How do those with the lowest numbers feel? What is the effect on the team if the highest scorer leaves? When you leave this team, have you learned anything or are you the same as when you arrived? Frequently, the sentiment is that everyone is just fending for themselves.

Round 2

Add to the chart the following:

Now get each table group to talk amongst themselves and make up a list of all of the individual items they come up with collectively (without duplication). Now get the numbers from each group and chart the group as in Round 1.

Next discuss the difference in the results when individuals come together and pool their collective knowledge.  If the highest scorer leaves, now what is the effect on the group? How do the lower scores feel? (Maybe relate to an Ambrose in golf)

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Round 3

Add to the chart one more time:

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Have everyone put all their paperwork on this exercise away. Let them know that they are now going to look in the box again for another 3 seconds; however, this time they will do it as a team. Let them have a couple of minutes to work out their strategy, then have them look in the box and chart the results. Debrief questions include:

  • Are all members of more use and do they feel better about themselves and the team?
  • Are we making use of the individual’s particular skills to make the team more effective?
  • What is the effect if the highest scoring individual leaves this team?
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