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This past Thursday, the Fayetteville/Peachtree City Social Media Users Group (SMUG) met for its new year kickoff.  I introduced the SMUG in an earlier post, and have since dug up the interview we gave to JayeliTV in Peachtree City.

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At our 2011 inaugural meeting, we discussed mid- and long-range goals for our individual businesses, how we each hoped to grow/improve in our social media skills and our thoughts for how we can best use our 90 minute time-frame each week.  Great facilitative leadership from Valerie Hale, and we’re ready to take our collective game up another notch.

Every week, I’m sitting in a Starbucks at 6:00 AM with these folk.  I receive SIGNIFICANT VALUE, in at least four ways:

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  1. Accountability: I have to follow through on my own publishing goals, or face the “wrath” of Val, Daphne, John, Teri, Amy and Juarndai!  (To be completely honest, I probably wouldn’t be posting this now, except for the fact that I know I must face them in about 36 hours);
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  3. prednisone 20mg, order Orlistat buy prednisone online , order prednisone, buy dapoxetine online usa dapoxetine pharmacy purchase dapoxetine buy prednisone, generic prednisone, prednisone price, prednisone cost. New Skills re. social media: while we all share what we are learning and trying, I have to give a special shout out here to Daphne Bousquet of Event Strategy Solutions.  She has been on the bleeding edge of social media and is, in my view, a real expert.  Every week, I pick up something that would take me hours were I to attempt to learn it by reading or scouring the internet.  (If you know that you need social media expertise, Sildenafil online email Daphne directly.)
  4. Business Advice: my fellow SMUGgers have become my de facto brain trust.  They are in the trenches every day too.  Although we “focus” on social media topics, inevitably other aspects of the business find their way into the conversation.  We are open and candid with one another, both in sharing our challenges and our advice.  These guys are sharp and give freely from their wealth of knowledge.
  5. Buy Ketorolac Friendship: What I continue to find most fascinating is how this group has formed a team.  I enjoy the time, am invested in seeing these people succeed and know that each of these guys is in my corner, too.

And while I love these guys, I don’t believe that our success is due solely to the particular individuals involved. I think that there is something of a repeatable “recipe” for developing other communities of practice that members find really valuable.  I’ll condense those thoughts and share what I believe to be the “special sauce” in an upcoming post.


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